Free Fire Rampage Pass Details: Get VIP Benefits For 7 Days

As a part of the ongoing Rampage Event, Free Fire (FF) has come up with a special pass called ‘Rampage Pass.’ It is similar to the VIP Pass, which was last made available in August 2020. The developers also announced that that to be the last edition of the VIP Event, as they planned to introduce it through different names in the major events.

It is a 7-Day subscription event that you can purchase anytime between June 15, 2021, and June 21, 2021. In this event, you get various time-limited items and three grand prizes for a permanent duration. The event’s grand prizes are ‘Gloo Wall – Rebel Academy,’ ‘Thompson Lucky Koi,’ and ‘Female Crimson Parkour Bundle.’ The subscription can be purchased by paying 99 diamonds.

How To Buy Rampage Pass In Free Fire?

The 7 Days Rampage Pass can be purchased in Free Fire by paying 99 Diamonds. To get the Pass, enter the Rampage Pass Event lobby, and at the right side of the screen, click on ’99 Diamonds Icon’ and ‘Confirm’ the purchase. Now the Pass would provide benefits to you for 7 days from the date of purchase. The new day starts at 12 AM and provides you with exciting rewards for 7 days.

The rewards of the Rampage Pass events are divided into three categories; let’s understand them one by one.

1. Daily Login Rewards

Similar to the 7 days login rewards, the Rampage Event also provides you with 7 different rewards for 7 days for logging into the game. There is also a bonus reward upon claiming all 7 daily login rewards. If you miss any day, you can claim the missed reward by paying diamonds. But keep in mind, the cost of redeeming past daily rewards will increase with each missed day.

The rewards available for Daily Login are as follows:

  • M60 – Shadow Earthshaker [1D]
  • Katana – Whirlwind Blade [1D]
  • M60 – Volcanic Whirlwind [1D]
  • Mythos Four (Emote) [1D]
  • M60 – Frost Sabertooth [1D]
  • Motor Bike – Cobra [1D]
  • M60 – Azure Stormbringer [1D]
  • Gloo wall – Rebel Academy [Permanent] – Bonus Reward

2. Daily Mission & Shop

You have to complete up to 3 missions daily and earn Tiger Tokens. These daily missions can be refreshed by spending some gold. The Tiger Tokens you earn can be redeemed to buy items in the shop, including the grand prize ‘Thompson Lucky Koi’ skin. The rewards available for Tiger Tokens are as follows:

  • Universal Fragment (x100) – 2 Tiger Tokens
  • Gold Royale Voucher (x1) – 2 Tiger Tokens
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (x1) – 5 Tiger Tokens
  • Cube Fragment (x1) – 5 Tiger Tokens
  • Bounty Token Playcard (x1) [7 Days] – 8 Tiger Tokens
  • Thompson Lucky Koi Skin – 20 Tiger Tokens

3. Play Matches & Win Rewards

It is similar to spin to win rewards. Here you get one spin chance after playing each match, with a maximum limit of 5 chances per day. Using these chances you can spin for rewards, including the grand prize ‘Violet Parkour Bundle.’ You are guaranteed to get the grand prize in 20 spins. So if you make 5 spins daily, you are guaranteed to get it within four days.

The rewards available for spin are as follows:

  • Evil Enchanted Badge (x1)
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (x1)
  • Pet Food
  • Female Crimson Parkour Bundle

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