Playing Giti’s new “Enjoy Driving Challenge” e-game Can Help You in Four Ways

Racing games offer tremendous adrenaline rushes and the objective of driving off the road as quickly and successfully as possible. Not only are more authentic games more strategy-based, but choosing the proper car and parts may also help you improve your scores and efficiency in ways other than just driving. Playing a variety of games may help you learn a variety of abilities, some of which can be used in real life. Anxiety and tension are two conditions that have been shown to be significantly reduced by playing these games in studies.

The Benefits 

Contrary to common belief, playing games has various health benefits and can even enhance brain function while reducing stress. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that playing such games may provide.

Hand-Eye Coordination has improved.

Online gaming and enhanced eye-hand coordination have recently been shown to be linked. Players must keep an eye on the road while regulating the car’s speed in racing games. The player may need to use numerous controls after beginning the game to change the direction and movement of their vehicle. 

Players may find that reacting to on-screen cues in real time helps their hand-eye coordination while decelerating to make a tight turn or aiming for a ramp to leap over an obstacle. Regularly playing racing games may help you adjust to multisensory events in a real life more quickly and correctly.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction 

The “Enjoy Driving Challenge“, game’s objective is to promote awareness of Giti and its corporate identity among a broad range of people. Its straightforward and fun approach appeals to gamers and non-gamers alike, regardless of skill level or background. Newcomers to racing games are more likely to show indications of stress, such as a higher heart rate and greater adrenaline release, when playing. 

Players will get more familiar with the game’s features if they play it regularly. As a result, their minds have been programmed to deal with stress. In addition, the interactive questions in this e-game not only stimulate participation and learning, but they also allow users to participate regardless of their location or any other Covid-19-related constraints.

Improves memory and problem-solving abilities

According to multiple studies, participants in fast-paced racing games were 25% faster than non-players in responding to questions regarding an image they had just viewed. A player’s memory of the layout and obstacles is tested when they complete a loop around a circuit. They will be able to better anticipate certain portions of the game and how to react to them as their memory develops. 

They may even be able to spot inclines that need increased speed or bends that lead to time-saving shortcuts. Players may see the road ahead of them, predict probable problems, and apply a number of strategies to solve them using this accumulated knowledge. After that, the same cognitive processes may be applied in everyday life. 

The Development of Social Bonds 

Multiplayer internet games have ushered in a new era of communication in which players collaborate to solve issues and battle for victory while also acquiring new skills. According to surveys, almost 70% of all gamers have played such games at least once with their friends.

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