Get Street Fighter Male Bundle (Ryu) In Free Fire’s New Ascension (Token Tower) Event

Free Fire (FF) recently collaborated with Street Fighter V (SFV), and as a result of this collaboration, an in-game event is going on in the game. The in-game event has brought a lot of theme-based free items to the game. But everyone’s eyes remain on the exclusive male and female bundles of the event.

No surprise, the exclusive male and female bundles of the Street Fighter event are Ryu and Chun-Li, respectively. The event is available between July 2, 2011, and July 18, 2021, while the peak day is July 10, 2021. But until now, none of the bundles have been made available to the players. But as per the leaks, we will soon get to see the Ryu – Male Bundle up for grab.

The Street Fighter’s Male Bundle will be made available in an Ascension Event, aka Token Tower Event. Apart from that, there will be Hodouken Emote and Hodouken Grenade skin, along with two other rewards. So there will be a total of 5 rewards in this Street Fighter Token Tower Event.

How To Get Street Fighter Male Bundle – Ryu In Free Fire?

The Ryu Bundle will be available in the new Ascension/Token Tower event, which will be available in the Luck Royale section. Like other tabs of Luck Royale, such as Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, Incubator, etc., you have to make spins to win the rewards in the Token Tower Event.

Here, you get one spin for 20 diamonds and 5 spins for 90 diamonds. For each spin, you get a reward from the prize pool of 35 rewards. Keep in mind; this prize pool does not contain the main rewards (bundle, emote, etc.). It contains some small rewards, and one of them is ‘Legends Token.’ These Legend Tokens are the key to get the main rewards of the event.

As mentioned, by making spins, you get one reward for each spin. This reward can be the Legends Token also. The spin option is available at the bottom of the event screen. You can see the main rewards on the right side that you can claim after getting the required number of Legends Token mentioned in front of them.

Ryu Bundle requires 5 Legends Tokens, Hodouken Emote required 4 Legends Tokens, and Hodouken Grenade skin required 3 Legends Tokens. So by making the spins, you get the Legends Token and claim these rewards. There area total of 5 Legends Tokens required to get all the five rewards. Apart from the standard method of making spins by spending diamonds, you can also exchange the already obtained small rewards for free spins.

To get the free spins, click on the ‘Backpack’ icon available at the bottom left of the event screen that contains all the rewards you collected in the event so far. Here you can select the items you do not want and can exchange them for free spins in the event. For every three items you exchange, you get one free spin.

These free spins also get you rewards from the same prize pool; hence there are equal chances of getting Legends Tokens from these spins also. So you will be able to grab the Ryu bundle, and Hodouken emote & grenade by making spins in the upcoming Tower Token event.

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