Free Fighter’s Wish Event Details – Free Fire’s Worst Event Ever?

Free Fire has got a new event named ‘Free Fighter’s Wish.’ It is available in the game between July 9, 2021, to July 15, 2021. The event can be considered one of the main events of the ongoing Street Fighter V x Free Fire collaboration. It has brought all the much-awaited in-game items of the collaboration event, such as Ryu Bundle, Chun-Li Bundle, Ryu Gloo Wall, Chun-Li Gloo Wall, Hadouken Emote & Grenade Skin & much more.

Other major events of the game, including the collaboration events, used to provide most of the collaboration-themed items for free. But the Street Fighter collaboration event has provided all main items of the collaboration through this event, and it is a spin-to-win event where you have to spend diamonds to get the rewards.

How To Play Free Fighter’s Wish Event?

As you enter the event lobby, you get to see the prize pool items showcased one by one on the right side of the screen. Below that is the spin option named ‘Wish’ because of the event’s name. Here you get to see two options, 1 ‘Basic Wish’ for 20 Diamonds and ’10+1 Basic Wish’ for 200 Diamonds.

By making the spins/wishes, you get one reward for each spin from the prize pool of 48 items divided into two categories: ‘Unique Prizes’ and ‘Normal Prizes.’ The items you received from the Unique Prizes Pool get greyed out to increase your chances of getting the main rewards. But there is no limit on getting the Normal Prizes; you may get them again and again.

The worst thing about the event is, there is no fixed number of spins to guarantee you the main rewards. Even it is not guaranteed that you get item(s) from the Unique Prizes pool after a certain number of wishes. So there is no certainty on the maximum number of spins and diamonds required to get all the main rewards. It may go up to infinite or may end at 5 spins only, depending upon your luck.

Free Fighter’s Wish Event Prize Pool:

Unique PrizesNormal Prizes
Hadouken – EmoteCube Fragment
Ryu BundleDiamond Royale Voucher (Expire By 31 Aug)
Chun-Li Bundle Weapon Royale Voucher (Expire By 31 Aug)
Gloo Wall – RyuImperial Rome Gun Box
Gloo Wall – Chun-LiFlaming Wolf Gun Box
Hadouken – GrenadeTitanium Gun Box
SKS- Red SamuraiAI Gun Box
SPAS12- Red SamuraiBooyah Gun Box
Knockout Loot BoxGold Royale Voucher
K.O. Night BackpackPet Food
K.O. Night Champion BeltUniversal Fragment
K.O. Night – ParachuteMemory Fragment (Shirou)
Knockout Swing – Bat SkinMemory Fragment (Maro)
Motor Bike – K.O. NightMemory Fragment (Xayne)
Provoke – EmoteDiary Scraps (Kelly)
KLA – CharacterMemory Fragment (KLA)
Martial Artist Set – BundleBounty Token
Kellly – CharacterScan
Bubbly Girl Kelly – BundleBonfire
Takewondoin BundleSummon Airdrop
Blackbelt BundleResupply Map
Golden Fist Backpack
Mythological Ride – Surfboard
Box of Balance – Loot Crate
Chun-Li – Avatar
K.O. Night – Banner
K.O. Night Avatar

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