Get Free ‘Dr. Beanie’ Pet In Free Fire Dr. Beanie Top-Up Event

After the release of OB28 Update on June 8, 2021, the developers announced a new pet named ‘Dr. Beanie’ in the update’s official patch notes. Finally, the pet is making its way to the game through a top-up event called ‘Dr. Beanie Top-Up’.

About Dr. Beanie Pet:

Dr. Beanie is a cute mini duck and wears round specs to look like a doctor, but he is not one though. The pet comes to Free Fire (FF) with a special ability called ‘Dashy Duckwalk’, which increases movement speed when crouched.

Beanie’s Special Ability: Dashy Duckwalk

Level 1: When in crouch position, movement speed increases by 30%.

Level 2: When in crouch position, movement speed increases by 40%.

Level 3: When in crouch position, movement speed increases by 60%.

How To Get Free Dr. Beanie Pet in Free Fire (FF)?

All pets of the game are available to purchase for diamonds in the shop. But before putting them up for sale into the shop, developers introduce all the new pets through a top-up event. Similarly, the Dr. Beanie pet is available in the ‘Dr. Beanie Top-Up’ event and you can get it absolutely for free.

Dr. Beanie Top-Up Event Details:

Free Fire has got a new top-up event named ‘Dr. Beanie Top-Up’, which is available in the game between July 14, 2021, and July 20, 2021. It has brought Dr. Beanie pet, its ‘Show Off’ emote, and DJ Beanie Petskin as the rewards to get for free.

For those living under the caves, let us tell you that developers introduce top-up events in the game frequently. If you top-up diamonds in your account during these events, you get some attractive items for free. The aim is to incentivize more and more players to top-up diamonds because after making a top-up, there is no other option left but to spend them on in-game items.

This time, in the Dr. Beanie top-up event, developers are offering the newest Dr. Beanie pet for free. If you top-up 100 diamonds, you get Dr. Beanie pet for free; if you top-up 300 diamonds, you get Dr. Beanie’s ‘Show Off’ emote for free, and if you top-up 500 diamonds, you get DJ Beanie emote for free.

Now, you would say, If I am making a top-up of diamonds, how is the pet and its skin & emote are free? The answer is, you just need to make a top-up of diamonds and do not need to spend a single diamond. Also, there is no need to make three separate top-ups of 100, 300, and 500 diamonds; a single top-up of 500 diamonds can get you all the rewards for free.

After making the top-up of diamonds, head to Events -> Dr. Beanie Top Up tab to claim your free rewards. It is up to you to get the Dr. Beanie pet for free now or later in the shop by paying 699 diamonds.

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