Free Fire’s 4th Anniversary Event Skins Leaked

Free Fire will be celebrating its 4th anniversary on August 28, 2021. It is going to be the first-ever mobile battle royale game to complete four years of journey. As a celebration of this big day, an anniversary theme-based in-game event will be introduced in Free Fire (FF). The event is expected to remain available between August 20, 2021, to September 5, 2021.

Since the anniversary celebration is on August 28, 2021, the event will also have its peak on the same day. Like all major events, on the peak day of the event, a free reward will be given to everyone to log in to the game. Since it is the anniversary event, we might get a free character for free (just a wild guess). But it is assured that, during the event period, a lot of anniversary-themed items will be made available in the game.

This post will share all the leaked images available about the upcoming 4th-anniversary theme-based skins coming to the Free Fire during the event period. Let’s begin.

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Skins

1. Anniversary Event Page

2. Backpack Skins

3. Fist Skin

4. Gloo Wall Skin

5. Grenade Skin

6. Jeep Skin

7. Katana Skin

8. Loot Box Skins

9. M1887 Skin

9. Male Bundles

10. Female Bundle

11. Monster Truck Skin

12. Parachute Skin

13. Parang Skin

14. Thompson skin

We are too much excited about the 4th anniversary and the skins coming to the game. What about you? Apart from the shown skins, the anniversary celebration will also bring new Evo Skin XM8, Elite Moco character, New Thiva character and New Dimitri character.

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      It is expected to be there.

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    Give permenan gun skin event

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    Up coming weapon royal


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