Free Fire 4th Anniversary Mystery Shop 13.0 (August 2021): Release Date, Items & Much More

Free Fire is currently celebrating its 4th anniversary in the game. A lot of rewards are being given to the players as celebration rewards. This is also the best time to release Free Fire’s most famous ‘Mystery Shop’ event. Yes, you understood it right, there are quite high chances that as a part of the 4th-anniversary celebration, Free Fire will get a Mystery Shop also.

The last edition of the Mystery Shop was released in May 2021. After a break of 2 months, we might get the next Mystery Shop of Free Fire (FF), aka August 2021 Mystery Shop, just because of the 4th anniversary of the game.

What Is Mystery Shop In Free Fire?

Mystery Shop is an in-game event of Free Fire. Earlier it used to be released by developers every alternate month, but now it has become very rare due to its popularity. It brings a lot of in-game items at a surprising discount that may go up to 90%. Similar to Elite Pass, it also brings exclusive male and female bundles to the game.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 13.0 Release Date:

Free Fire’s (FF) Mystery Shop 13.0, aka 4th Anniversary Mystery Shop, is expected to release on August 23, 2021. Generally, the Mystery Shop event remains in the game for 7 days, so we can expect Mystery Shop 13.0 to end by August 29, 2021. The 4th anniversary in-game event will also have the peak day a day before on August 28, 2021, which will reward everyone with a free anniversary-themed reward for logging into the game.

Mystery Shop 13.0 Male & Female Bundles:

As always, Mystery Shop 13.0 will also bring exclusive male and female bundles to the game. The male bundle is called ‘Crane Summoner Bundle,’ and the female bundle is called ‘Crane Sorcerer Bundle.’ Below are the images attached. Have a closer look to get a detailed view.

About Mystery Shop 13.0:

The 13th edition of Mystery Shop will offer up to a 90% discount. The discount percentage depends upon your luck. Before entering the event, everyone has to make a spin, and the result of that spin is the discount you get in the shop.

The August 2021 Mystery shop comes with two items pool. The items are divided in the pool by exclusive male and female bundles of the shop. To change the items pool in the shop, you just have to switch between the bundles. There are various items available in the shop such as Name Change Card, Characters, Pets, Costumes, and much more at a very discounted price.

You cannot purchase exclusive male and female bundles just after entering the shop. To purchase them, first, you have to spend a fixed amount of diamonds in the shop. Generally, this amount is 50 diamonds.

How To Get a 90% Discount In Mystery Shop 13.0?

Every player of the game wishes to get the maximum discount, i.e., a 90% discount in the Mystery Shop, to purchase items at a very cheap rate. But only the luckiest player could get this. You must be willing to become one of such luckiest persons.

There is no such assured trick to get a 90% discount in the Mystery Shop. But, from our previous experience, we have observed that three types of accounts are more likely to get a higher discount percentage:

  • New Accounts
  • Accounts that never purchased in-game items
  • Accounts with fewer diamonds

So if you are new to Free Fire or recently created a new account, you can stay assured of getting an 80-90% discount in the Mystery Shop. Also, if you are an old player but never made a top-up of diamonds in your account, you may get a decent discount.

Also, even if you have made a top-up but never purchased any in-game item, the chances are still high that you might get a higher discount. The reason is, developers want to encourage more and more players to top-up diamonds and spend them on in-game items.

If you do not fall under any of the categories, the least you can do is, keep fewer diamonds in your account while making the spin. It also increases your chances of a higher discount.

Free Fire Mystery Shop 13.0 FAQs:

Q.1 When will Free Fire Mystery Shop 13.0 (August 2021) be Release?

A. August 23, 2021

Q.2 When will Free Fire Mystery Shop 13.0 (August 2021) End?

A. August 29, 2021

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