Free Fire 4th Anniversary Party Event Details: Collect Anniversary Dynamic Token and Rhythm Fragments to get Amplified Bassrock Bundle

Free Fire (FF) is celebrating its 4th anniversary through an in-game event that provides many anniversary-themed items to the players. The event is available in the game between August 20, 2021, and September 6, 2021, and has a peak day on August 28, 2021. Similar to all major events, the 4th-anniversary event is also divided into various sub-parts that require you to complete different tasks to get various free rewards.

This post will cover the 4th-anniversary party event as a whole and provide a sneak peek of each sub-part. So let’s begin.

1. Login Reward

As you enter the 4th-anniversary party event, you see ‘Login Reward’ as the first option on the left side of the lobby. It is the peak day login reward that you can get by logging into the game on August 28, 2021. All players who log in to the game on the 4th anniversary event peak day will be rewarded Thiva character for free.

2. Music Party

The second and third option below the Login reward is ‘Music Party.’ It shows a legendary skin of Thompson and a Fist Skin. The Thompson skin has been made available through the Faded wheel and coming to an end on August 23, 2021. After that, another Faded Wheel event will be introduced in the game, and it would bring Fist skin as the main reward.

3. Memory Jigsaw: Daily Mission + Fragment Royale

Memory Jigsaw is the main task of this 4th-anniversary event. It has brought Amplified Bassrock Bundle as the reward for everyone who lit up all four sections of the Memory Jigsaw. There are separate rewards also for completing each section, but everyone’s eyes are on the grand prize that gets unlocked when all sections are completed.

The 4 sections are of 4 different colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green. Further, these are divided into 48 boxes in total; each has 12 boxes. To complete a particular section, all 12 boxes have to be lit up. The same can be done by using Rhythm Fragments. These fragments are also of 4 different colors, the same as the 4 sections. One Rhythm Fragment of a particular color lit up one box of that color’s section.

In this way, to lit up all 4 sections of the Memory Jigsaw, one has to collect 12 Green Rhythm Fragments, 12 Blue Rhythm Fragments, 12 Pink Rhythm Fragments, and 12 Yellow Rhythm Fragments. At this point, it is important to understand how to get these Rhythm Fragments of different colors.

How To Get Rhythm Fragments in 4th Anniversary Event?

Rhythm Fragments can be collected from the Fragment Royale section of the 4th-anniversary event. Here you have to make spins using Anniversary Dynamic Token (which will be discussed in the next part) to get Rhythm Fragments, among other rewards. You do not get the Fragments directly by making spins. Instead, there are 4 balls available in different colors: Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Green. These balls have hidden rewards in them, which are as follows:

Ball ColorRewards
YellowDisc Hover (Surfboard Skin)
PinkIncubator Voucher, Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale Voucher
BlueRhythm Fragment (Blue), Rhythm Fragment (Pink), Rhythm Fragment (Yellow), Rhythm Fragment (Green), Universal Fragment (x10), Gold Royale Voucher, Random Loadout Loot Crate
GreenFlaming Skull Weapon Loot Crate, MP40-Sneaky Clown Weapon Loot Crate, FAMS-Vampire Weapon Loot Crate, SCAR-Phantom Assassin Weapon Loot Crate

Each spin rewards you with one ball, and each ball provides you with any of the one reward mentioned in front of them in the above table. So to get the Rhythm Fragments of different colors, you have to make spins and get Blue Balls. After opening it, you might get the Rhythm Fragments.

Another way to get these fragments is by asking your friends to gift them to you. To ask a friend for the required Rhythm Fragment, go to the 4th-anniversary event page and from there, go to Memory Jigsaw, available right there in the middle of the screen. Here at the right bottom, you get to see two options, Gift and Request. You need to click on the Request button, select the Rhythm Fragment color, and click on the ‘Request’ button available in front of each friend on your friend list.

The Request feature lets your friends know about your requirement for a particular Rhythm Fragment. If they have that particular fragment extra, they can simply send that to you using the ‘Gift’ button. You can also gift your extra fragments to your friends.

So these are the two ways to get the Rhythm Fragments in the 4th-anniversary event. But it is most important to discuss that how to get these Anniversary Dynamic Tokens as these are the most important thing to get the Rhythm Fragments.

How To Get Anniversary Dynamic Tokens in 4th Anniversary Event?

Anniversary Dynamic Tokens are one of the most important items of this event, and there are three ways to get them. These are Daily Missions, After Match Drop, and playing Lone Wolf Mode. Let’s understand them one by one.

1. Daily Missions

You need to complete certain missions daily to get Anniversary Dynamic Token for each completed mission. These missions get refreshed daily at 04:00 AM, which means you can collect several tokens daily. The daily missions that needs to be completed are as follows:

  • Game Login – Anniversary Dynamic Token (x1)
  • Play 1 Game – Anniversary Dynamic Token (x1)
  • Deal 200 damage in any mode – Anniversary Dynamic Token (x1)
  • Take a picture with K at the annual party – Anniversary Dynamic Token (x5)

After completing these tasks, you can collect your Anniversary Dynamic Tokens from the 4th-anniversary event page under the Daily Missions section available in the middle of the screen.

2. After Match Drop

At the end of every match played between August 20, 2021, and September 5, 2021, you will be rewarded with 1 Anniversary Dynamic Token. On August 28, 2021, the peak day of the 4th-anniversary event, you will get 4 Anniversary Dynamic Tokens at the end of every match.

3. Play Lone wolf Mode

The Lone wolf mode is introduced in Free Fire as part of the 4th-anniversary celebration. It lets you play 1v1 and 2v2 matches. If between August 20, 2021, and August 30, 2021, if you play this mode, you can get Anniversary Dynamic Tokens in addition to the After Match Drop. The rewards available for playing Lone Wolf mode are as follows:

  • Play 3 matches in 1v1 or 2v2 mode – Weapon Royale Voucher + Anniversary Dynamic Token (x1)
  • Play 5 matches in 1v1 or 2v2 mode – Diamond Royale Voucher + Anniversary Dynamic Token (x1)
  • Play 10 matches in 1v1 or 2v2 mode – Incubator Voucher + Anniversary Dynamic Token (x1)

After completing these tasks, head to Events -> 4th anniversary -> Play Lone Wolf tab to collect these rewards.

Memory Jigsaw Lit Up Rewards:

Now you know how to collect these Anniversary Dynamic Tokens and make spins using them in Fragment Royale to get Rhythm Fragments to light up the Memory Jigsaw. Doing so will reward you with the following rewards:

  • Lit up 8 boxes – Get 300 Gold Coins
  • Lit up 16 boxes – Get Amplified Bassrock (Shoes)
  • Lit up 24 boxes – Get Amplified Bassrock (Face)
  • Lit up 32 boxes – Get Amplified Bassrock (Bottom)
  • Lit up 40 boxes – Get Amplified Bassrock (Head)
  • Lit up 48 boxes – Get Amplified Bassrock (Top)
  • Complete Green Section – Gold Royale Voucher (x5)
  • Complete Red Section – Diamond Royale Voucher (x2)
  • Complete Blue Section – Incubator Voucher (x2)
  • Complete Yellow Section – Weapon Royale Voucher (x2)

4. Memory Album

During the 4th anniversary event period, Daily Missions (discussed above) will ask you to take a picture with one new character daily in the ‘Annual Party.’ These pictures get saved here in the memory album. You just need to either click on ‘Annual Party’ at the right bottom of the 4th-anniversary event screen or manually choose ‘Happy Birthday Free Fire!’ game mode and play a match. Here you need to go near the mentioned character, and a picture will be clicked that appears here in the memory album.

Taking pictures rewards you with some rewards:

  • 3 Pictures – Gold Royale Voucher (x1)
  • 10 Picture – Gold Coins (x1000)
  • 15 Pictures – Thrash Goth (Grenade Skin)

5. Anniversary Quiz

From August 20, 2021, to August 29, 2021, a new question related to Free Fire will be asked daily. Answering these questions correctly provides you with the following rewards:

  • 1 Correct Answer – Gold Royale Voucher (x1)
  • 2 Correct Answer – Party Animal Weapon Box (x3)
  • 3 Correct Answer – Pet Food (x3)
  • 4 Correct Answer – Crimson Neon (Parachute Skin)
  • 5 Correct Answer – 4th Anniversary Pin

6. 4th Anniversary Login Rewards

Between August 23, 2021, to September 1, 2021, if you login in Free Fire for 7 days, you can get the following rewards:

  • Login 3 Days – Bright Lights Avatar
  • Login 5 Days – Turn Up Banner
  • Login 10 Days – Thrash Metallic (Backpack Skin)

So these are all the events available in Free Fire as a part of the 4th-anniversary celebration event. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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