Free Fire to get Treatment Shotgun and Treatment Sniper with OB30 Update

Free Fire (FF) is expected to get its upcoming OB update, the OB30 update, on September 28, 2021. With every update, many new features make their way to the game, including new characters, a new pet, new mechanisms, and much more. The same will happen with the OB30 update also. This post will tell you about the two new guns coming to the game with the new OB30 update.

The two new guns are going to be a combination of Treatment Gun and PLASMA guns. One of them is a Shotgun, and another is a Sniper. Let’s understand their mechanism one by one.

Treatment Shotgun

When you fire this shotgun at your teammate, whatever damage appears on the screen is actually going to provide that much health power (HP) to your teammate. Also, if you fire this gun at the enemy, it will damage that enemy. So the same gun would be able to provide damage and health power to the enemies and teammates, respectively.

The next thing that appears in mind is its ammo. So let us tell you that it works similar to the PLASMA gun. You can fire using it until it is charged. During overheating, you cannot fire it; you have to wait for some time, so it again gets charged.

Treatment Sniper

Like Treatment Shotgun, the Treatment Sniper also provides HP to the teammates and damages the enemies. It also works as a PLASMA gun; it fires while it’s charged and makes you wait until it’s overheated.

These are the two treatment guns coming to Free Fire with the OB30 update.

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