Free Fire Tech Guru Top-Up Event: Get free Moco Month Backpack and Glo Technica Gloo Wall

Free Fire (FF) has got a new top-up event named ‘Tech Guru Top-Up,’ which is available in the game between September 15, 2021 and September 21, 2021. It is part of the ongoing Moco: Rebirth event introduced for the new Elite Moco character This event has brought Moco Month (Backpack Skin) and Glo Technica (Gloo Wall Skin) as rewards. You can get these rewards absolutely for free and the same you will learn in this article.

Before we start with the free rewards, let us tell you that Diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire, and the only way to get them is by purchasing them using real currency. Using these diamonds, you can get various in-game items, and some of them even provide you buff on the battlefield in eliminating your enemies easily.

Diamonds are considered one of the best sources of income for Garena, the entity behind Free Fire. Hence Garena tries to incentivize more and more players to top-up diamonds and spend them on in-game items. It is important to note that once you have made a top-up of diamonds, there is no other option left with you than spending them on in-game items as there is no way to reconvert them in real money.

To incentivize players for making top-ups, Garena keeps on introducing top-up events in Free Fire frequently. If you top-up a particular amount of diamonds or more during these events, you get some attractive in-game items absolutely for free.

This time, in the Tech Guru Top Up event, Free Fire is offering two items for free on top-up of 500 diamonds. If you top-up 100 diamonds, you get Moco Month Backpack Skin, and if you top-up 500 diamonds, you get Glo Technica Gloo Wall Skin for free.

Keep in mind, to get both the rewards; you are not required to make two separate top-ups of 100 and 500 diamonds. If you make a single top-up of 500 diamonds, you can get both of these rewards for free. After making the top-up, claim your free skins from the Events -> Moco: Rebirth -> Tech Guru Top Up tab.

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