Free Fire New Character ‘Leon’ Details: Special Ability, Release Date

Free Fire (FF) will be getting its OB30 update on September 28, 2021. This new update is expected to get various new features such as new characters, a new pet, new mechanisms, and much more. You can check out the complete available leaks here.

In this post, we will talk in detail about one such feature: the new character ‘Leon.’ Like DJ Alok, Jai, Maro, and several other characters, it will also be inspired by a real-life celebrity who is expected to be a basketball player, as per the character’s description.

About Leon Character:

Leon is a young basketball star and is going to be a male character in the game. It will be a real-life inspired character of which the exact inspiration is yet to be revealed. He comes with a special ability called ‘Buzzer Beater.’ It is a Passive skill.

The Buzzer Beater special skill recovers some amount of HP after surviving combat. As you level up the character, it will start recovering more HP after each combat. It is good for rush players, who indulge in one after another combat without having time for healing themselves.

Leon Character’s Buzzer Beater Ability Effects:

Level 1: Recover 5 HP after surviving a combat.

Level 2: Recover 10 HP after surviving a combat.

Level 3: Recover 15 HP after surviving a combat.

Level 4: Recover 20 HP after surviving a combat.

Level 5: Recover 25 HP after surviving a combat.

Level 6: Recover 30 HP after surviving a combat.

So these are the effects of Leon’s special ability. Get ready for getting healed automatically while on the battlefield using Leon.

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