Free Fire OB31 Update (November 2021) Details: Release Date, New Characters, New Pet, New Mechanisms & Much More

The latest OB30 update of Free Fire was released on September 28, 2021. With this update, a lot of changes were introduced in the game, such as new character Leon, new gun Sniper Treatment, and much more. You can check out the complete changelog here.

Like the previous updates, the upcoming OB31 update will also bring many new changes and additions to the game. This article will share all the leaks available to us about the Free Fire’s (FF) new OB31 update.

Free Fire OB3 Update Release Date

The Free Fire’s Upcoming OB31 Update, aka November 2021 update, is expected to release on November 30, 2021. As of now, there is no announcement made by developers officially. But if you are our (Free Fire Booyah!) regular reader, you must know that there is no harm in relying on our expert prediction, because we are almost right always.

Free Fire OB31 Update New Features

1. New Character – Nairi

Nairi is a storm chaser dedicated to climate technology. It is going to be a female character. As of now no other leaks of the character available except her name and description. We will update here as soon as we get to know about her special ability.

2. New Character – Sverr

Credits: Gamer’s Zone YT

Sverr is a top-tier MMA fighter and comes to Free Fire as a male character. The character was first spotted in one of the video trailers released by Garena for Free Fire. Later it was made available as a playable character in the Advanced Server released before the OB24 update. But, he still did not make his way to the game, so we can expect him with the OB31 update.

Sverr comes with an Active Skill called ‘Going Berserk.’ His special ability increases the damage suffered to the enemy as his HP gets reduced. At level 1, it consumes 40HP to increase damage by 10%, and the number increases as you level up the character.

3. New Pet – Yeti

Like all the previous OB updates, with the OB31 update, a new pet will also be introduced in the game. It will be named ‘Yeti.’ As of now, its special ability is unknown; we will update here as soon as we get to know anything.

The pet is coming with three skins:

  • Tribal Yeti: When you see a glowing green dot in the snow, you know you’ve found their tribe.
  • Fiery Yeti: A traditional costume of these snow monsters, they prefer fire, apparently.
  • Funky Yeti: He can move to any beat despite his body shape.

4. New Weapon: MAC-10

The Military Armament Corporation Model 10, officially abbreviated as “M10” or “M-10”,[4] and more commonly known as the MAC-10, is a compact, blowback operated machine pistol/submachine gun that Gordon B. Ingram developed in 1964. It is chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm. After its introduction in Free Fire, the new gun MAC-10 will use SMGs ammo while being a Pistol category gun.

5. New Mechanism – Fire From Inside Vehicle

Similar to other same genre games, Free Fire will also be introducing the feature of firing at enemies from inside the vehicles. Now, it will be fun to fight like gangsters in Free Fire also. Garena has also revealed this new mechanism in one of the trailers.

6. New Vehicle – Scooter

In one of the recently released trailers by Garena, the new Shirou character of Free Fire can be seen riding a Scooter. It is expected to be introduced as a new vehicle in Free Fire with the OB31 update.

6. New Mode – Akimbo Activator

A new mode named ‘Akimbo Activator’ will be introduced in the game. As the name itself suggest, it would activate akimbo mode for all the guns. In simple words, whatever guns the mode will have, you will be able to use them one in one hand, which means two of them simultaneously.

In this mode, the akimbo mode can be activated during the weapon equipment. There would be a high-tech glove that allows the mixed dual handling of certain weapons. Another would be a high-tech sleeve that allows for mixed double handling of all the weapons. Further details are yet to be released.

7. New System – Mentoring System

It lets you find a mentor who will help you develop and immerse yourself in the world of Free Fire. After graduation, you can also become a mentor and help new players. You have to complete the assigned rank requirement in CS or BR to become a mentor and have cadets.

New players can become a cadet and have mentors. The mentor-cadet relationship can develop in any direction. The prospective student must accept the study request. A member can only have 3 cadets at a time, while a cadet can only have 1 mentor. In relation to the cadet, points will be awarded, accumulated and exchanged for rewards.

Free Fire OB31 Update FAQs:

Q.1 When will Free Fire OB31 Update Release?

A. November 30, 2021

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