Free Fire Booyah wish Event Details – Get ‘Power of Booyah’ Bundle among other rewards

Free Fire’s (FF) Booyah Day 2021 event is another much-awaited event starting this week. As a part of that, Free Fire has got the ‘Booyah Wish’ event between November 10, 2021, and November 16, 2021. It has brought various Booyah Day-themed in-game items for which the players have been waiting since their leaks. These include Power of Booyah Bundle, Booyah! Emote, Booyah Day – Gloo Wall skin, and Booyah Day – AUG skin.

There would be other Booyah Day-themed items that the main event would provide for free. But these are also eye-catching items. The only difference is that you have to get these items in the Booyah Wish event by making spins that would cost you diamonds.

How To Play Booyah Wish Event?

As you enter the event lobby, you get to see the prize pool items showcased one by one on the right side of the screen. Below that is the spin option named ‘Wish.’ The name is given after the event’s name. Here you get to see two options, 1 ‘Wish’ for 20 Diamonds and’ 10+1 Wish’ for 200 Diamonds.

By making the spins/wishes, you get one reward for each spin from the prize pool of 38 items divided into two categories: ‘Unique Prizes’ and ‘Normal Prizes.’ The items you already own and receive from the event get removed from the prize pool, giving you a higher chance at winning the prize you truly deserve.

Booyah wish Event’s Prize Pool

Unique PrizesNormal Prizes
Power of Booyah BundleCube Fragment
Booyah! EmoteDiamond Royale Voucher (Expire By 31 Dec)
Gloo Wall – Booyah DayWeapon Royale Voucher (Expire By 31 Dec)
Aug – Booyah DayGold Royale Voucher
Baby shark EmoteBlood Moon Scar Crate
Detective PandaLightning MP40 Crate
Petskin: Booyah PandaEvil Pumpkin AK Crate
Katana – Booyah DayBumblebee Gun Crate
Grenade – Booyah DayDeadly Bat Gun Crate
Pan – Booyah DayPet Food
Booyah Hunter BackpackResupply Map
The Hungry Pumpkin BackpackScan
Haunting Night BackpackUniversal Fragment (x50)
Booyah Day Loot CrateMemory Fragment (Jota)
Booyah Victor – Surfboard SkinMemory Fragment (Luqeta)
Haunted Dawn – Surfboard SkinMemory Fragment (D-Bee)
Booyah Day – Parachute SkinMemory Fragment (Xayne)
The Death Skull – Parachute SkinMemory Fragment (Maro)
Booyah Day 2020 Banner
Haunting Night Banner

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