Free Fire: New SMG MAC-10 is Coming With OB31 Update

Garena is going to roll out the OB31 update of Free Fire (FF) on November 30, 2021. A new member in the Free Fire Sub Machine Gun family will be added named MAC-10 with this update. The official release is yet to be announced, but leaks are always there before confirmation. The new SMG MAC-10 also has the nickname ‘Little Monkey.’ 

Origin of the MAC-10

The full name of MAC-10 is Military Armament Corporation Model 10. It’s a compact submachine gun developed by Gordon B that uses 9mm, or .45 ACP ammo. A special suppressor was designed for this gun by Sionics. 

The US government banned this gun from 1994 for a decade. The term MAC-10 is a nickname given unofficially. It was a popular choice among Title II dealers, collectors, and gunsmiths. 

MAC-10 SMG with a silencer: the silent killer

This time Free Fire is going to launch an SMG gun that comes with a built-in silencer. Though a silencer is to be given, it might not be very useful because an SMG gun is usually used in close-range battles. A player can easily get the enemy’s foot sound in close range, so putting a silencer on the gun makes no sense. LEt’s see what new unique ways players after the launch of this gun to surprise their enemies.

One can attach a scope, foregrip, and a magazine as attachments. As the silencer comes as a built-in feature with the gun, it can not be removed or replaced by a muzzle.

MAC-10 Damage Per Shots

The new gun has 30 bullets per mag capacity by default. The MAC-10 is said to be a balanced gun as it has good range, and most importantly, good damage & rate of fire. If the enemy doesn’t have a vest and helmet, this gun deals 132 damage in Headshot and 24 damage in the body by one shot.

Is MAC-10 SMGgoing to be a good gun?

Considering its damage per shot and rate of fire, it is a powerful SMG, maybe stronger than the popular MP-40. A player can use this gun in both Battle royal and Clash Squad mode. 

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