Free Fire New Age Event: Calendar, Release Date, Free Items, Skins and Much More

On December 1, 2021, Free Fire (FF) introduced the most awaited OB31 update. The Money Heist 2.0 X Free Fire collaboration was also introduced, bringing many new rewards. Well, the OB31 update has more to offer.

It is expected that after the end of the Money Heist 2.0 collaboration event, an all-new event New Age featuring the ongoing winter season, will be launched. The calendar of the New Age event is leaked recently, where players can get an idea about the events and prizes in it. Let’s have a look.

Free Fire New Age Event Release Date

As per the latest New Age event calendar leak, the event will launch on December 17, 2021, after the end of the ongoing Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration and will last until January 9, 2022. The New Age Event will have peak day on January 1, 2021. You will be rewarded with various free themed rewards on this day.

Free Fire New Age Event schedule

  • New age (December 17 to January 9) – A New Male Bundle and Monster Truck Skin
  • Map & Aftermatch Drop (December 17 to January 9) – Tokens (x2)
  • Play till the rising day ( December 20 to December 26) – Bat Skin
  • Login till the rising day (December 23 to December 27) – Katana Skin
  • Friends United (December 25 to December 26)
  • Lone Wolf Rank (December 25 to December 26) – Grenade Skin
  • The Rising Day (December 25) – Backpack
  • New Age is coming (December 27 to January 2)
  • Countdown to New Age (December 29 to January 4) – Surfboard Skin
  • New Age Day Login (January 1) – Yeti Pet
  • Magic Cube Fragment Drop (January 1) – Cube Fragments
  • Game With Friends (January 1)
  • New Age Is Here (January 1 to January 2) – M60 Gun Skin
  • New Beginning (January 1 to January 5) – Loot Box Skin
  • Play With Friends (January 4 to January 9) Loot Box Skin

Free Fire New Age Event Items & Skins

1. Backpack Skin

2. Bat Skin

3. Grenade Skin

4. Lootbox Skins

5. M60 Skin

6. Free Male Bundle

7. Monster Truck

8. Yeti Pet

9. Pan Skin

10. Parang Skin

11. Surfboard Skin

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