Free Fire Super Match Event: How to participate and get various items

Free Fire (FF) ensures a variety of in-game accessories that players can acquire by spending diamonds which are the in-game currencies. Some of these items can be expensive, hindering players from buying them. So, developers keep launching some special events which provide a huge discount on accessories.

On January 5, 2022, Free Fire launched a new super match event from which players can get the Heatbound desert bundle or Sports car-cobra skin with fewer diamonds.  This event is accessible till January 11, 2022. The super match is the kind of event which allows some lucky players to get exclusive in-game items from the prize pool by spending as low as 9 diamonds.

Complete Prize Pool of the Super Match event

  • Heatbound desert bundle
  • Sports Car-Cobra
  • Alok
  • 10x incubator voucher (expired by 31 Jan)
  • Sensei Tig
  • Challenge On!

Rules of the Free Fire Super Match event

It is a luck-based event where players can start a free match and a random discount will be matched to a random item from the prize pool.

Once you purchase the item with the discounted prize both the discount and prize will be removed. Players must purchase the current discounted matched prize to make another match. Lucky players can get a great discount on their desired item.

How to access the Super Match event?

  • Step 1:  log in to the Free Fire account then a banner of the super match event will appear.
  • Step 2: Click on that banner to go to the event interface.


Click on the “Calendar” icon at the right corner of the home screen then go to “Super Match” option from the “Event” section.

  • Step 3: click on the “Free Match” option to get a random discount on a random item from the prize pool. Purchase that item to make further matches.

After purchasing any item that will be directly added to the vault.


Q1: What if I already have some items from the prize pool of the Super match event?

Ans: In that case, 10X weapon royal voucher or 10x gun crates will appear in the prize pool instead of those already possessed items.

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