Get M1887- Incendium Burst and other 3 legendary M1887 legendary skins from Free Fire Element M1887 event

On January 6, 2022, Free Fire (FF) launched four legendary gun skins of M1887 through the Element M1887 event. Players can access this event till January 13, 2022. This gun is the most popular SG gun which deals very high damage within a short-range. Legendary gun skins in Free Fire have special increased attributes which give extra power to the player. As Free Fire is a competitive battle royale game, using one of the Element M1887 with deadly attributes surely increase the chance of eliminating more enemy and getting Booyah!

Rules of the Element M1887 event: Everything you need to know

It is a luck-based event where players have to make spins with diamonds. As legendary gun skins are quite rare in Free Fire so players have to spend a good number of diamonds to get their desired item from this event. If the spin lands on the special entrance in the outer circle, players get to draw from the inner circle. Any prizes drawn from the inner circle will be removed from the prize pool which will give players a higher chance of winning the desired prize.

Complete Prize Pool of the Element M1887 event

Grand Prizes:
  • M1887-Incendium Burst
  •  M1887-Aqua Burst
  • M1887-Terrano Burst
  • M1887-Solaris Burst
Normal Prizes:
  • 10X Memory Fragment (Otho)
  • Resupply Map
  • Cube fragment
  • Weapon royale voucher (Expire by 31 Jan)
  • Lunar New Year(scar+XM8) Weapon loot crate
  • Diamond royale voucher (Expire by 31 Jan)

Attributes of Element M1887 gun skins

Gun skin                                            Attributes
M1887-Incendium BurstFire Rate (++)Damage (+)Movement Speed (-)
M1887-Aqua BurstRange (++)Damage (+)Accuracy (-)
M1887-Solaris BurstAccuracy (++)Fire rate (+)Movement Speed (-)
M1887-Terrano BurstReload speed (++)Penetration (+)Accuracy (-)


Q: How many diamonds require to get all four M1887 element gun skins?

Ans. There is no mention of the required number of diamonds to get one or all four M1887 element gun skins. Lucky players can get these exclusive items with a couple of spins but others have to spend a few thousand diamonds.

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