Free Fire To Get New Pet ‘Flash’ After OB32 Update

Free Fire’s (FF) OB32 update is expected to release on January 19, 2022. It will bring a lot of changes to the game, including new gun “Charge Buster”, new character, new mechanisms, and much more. You can check out the complete details here.

This post is going to add one more new feature to the list that is the new pet of the OB32 update. With every update, a new pet comes to the game, and this time, it will be ‘Flash.’ This new pet looks like the a tiny turtle.

As we all know, pets in Free Fire provide simple buffs to the players, which can be sustained, aggressive, defensive, and much more. Similarly, the Flash pet will also provide a buff to the players by his special ability called “Steel Shell”.

Flash Pet’s Special Ability or Skill:

Flash’s special ability reduces the damage taken from behind by FF Knife and bullets. The detailed effect of it’s ability based on its level are as follows:

  • Level 1: Reduce damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 10% up to 100 points. Cooldown 150s.
  • Level 2: Reduce damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 15% up to 120 points. Cooldown 120s.
  • Level 3: Reduce damage (from FF Knife and bullets) taken from behind by 25% up to 150 points. Cooldown 90s.

Flash’s skill is not of much importance. The pet seems to be of no particular advantage than just increasing the number of pets in Free Fire by one. If you wish to play with the Flash pet and experience other new upcoming features before their release, you register and download Free Fire’s Advance Server from here.

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