Mystical Master incubator relaunched in Free Fire: get Golden Shade bundle and other rewards

On January 8, 2022, Free Fire (FF) relaunched the Mystical Master incubator with six super cool bundles. It is a luck-based event and will be available for 30 days. In this Incubator, there are a total of 6 full-arm super cool tattoo bundles both for males and females and some other ordinary items.

Rules of Free Fire Incubator

Incubator in Free Fire is a special kind of Luck royale event where players spend diamonds to get rewards. The grand prizes in Free Fire’s Incubator are super attractive and usually don’t return, making them very exclusive. Players can spin by using diamonds or Incubator vouchers, or both. One spin will require 40 diamonds or 1 incubator voucher, whereas five spins will cost 180 diamonds or 5 incubator vouchers.

There are six exclusive grand prizes and some other ordinary items. Players can collect their desired bundles by spinning or exchanging them with evolution stone and mystical blueprint obtained in Luck Royale. Mystical blueprint is the required material to craft the mystical set in the Incubator.

Complete Prize Pool of the Mystical Master incubator

1. Golden Shade

2. Golden Wraith

3. Navy Shade

4. Navy Wraith

5. Phantom Samurai

6. Phantom Empress

How to make spins in the Mystical Master incubator

  • Step 1: Log in to the Free Fire account and a banner of Mystical Master will appear on the screen. Just tap on the screen to open the event interface.
  • Step 2: Choose between the two-spin option available and make spins. Players can get their desired bundle from spinning directly or they can exchange them with the mystical blueprint and some evolution stones. Required materials per bundle are as follows,
BundleRequired mystical blueprintRequired evolution stone
Golden Shade & Golden Wraith37
Navy Shade & Navy Wraith25
Phantom Samurai & Phantom Empress13

Players can tap the exchange option to craft those above-mentioned bundles with materials. Rewards will add directly to the vault.

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