Free Fire decides to upgrade SCAR’s Attributes with OB32 Update

Free Fire (FF) contains a variety of guns. Each of them has its unique features and is used in different situations in gameplay. Assault rifles are the most used type in a Free Fire match because of their high damage and a moderate range of fire.

Among those ARs, Scar is very popular and widely used as it contains low recoil and high damage per bullet. Low recoil makes this gun very handy to use and it is loved by especially beginners. AR-type ammunition is required for SCAR and by default, 30 rounds magazine is loaded in it.

OB32 update is going to release on January 19, 2022, and it is expected that developers will improve the attributes of some guns along with SCAR. Sometimes weapon attributes are also decreased but it will not happen in this time so SCAR users can be happy.

Check Out the Current attributes of SCAR

Rate of Fire61
Reload Speed41
Movement Speed62
  • Damage: Defines the power of the weapon. The more the damage, enemies will lose more health.
  • Range: The limiting distance of gun. It shows how far the weapon can shoot the enemy.
  • Magazine:  The total bullet capacity which decides the number of times a gun can fire before having to reload.
  • Rate of Fire: Number of bullets a gun can fire within a unit of time.
  • Reload Speed: Weapon reloading speed. The less it will be the better is the weapon.
  • Accuracy: Defines how accurate the weapon can shoot each bullet.

Weapon changes are an important step that is usually taken to make the gun more balanced. Let’s have a look at the upcoming changes in SCAR.

Two attributes will change in the SCAR-L: Damage and Range

Damage:4% increased
Range:6% increased

It is very clear that after the up-gradation of SCAR it will be more deadly and players can punish enemies even more effectively. The rate of fire in SCAR is already good and with the increase in damage, it will be devastating. Players can shoot even more further for the increase in range.

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