Free Fire increases the power of AUG with OB32 Update

Free Fire (FF) is currently the most played battle royale game on mobile. From low damage, SMG guns to high damage Sniper rifles Players enjoy plenty of gun options and use them in various situations while gaming. Each type of those weapons has its advantages-disadvantages regarding the situation it’s being used. Assault rifles are the most used type of weapon because these guns are very effective in battles for their balanced attributes. Players mostly used AR guns in mid-range and close-range fights. Each assault rifle has its unique attributes. Sometimes developers change the attributes of some guns to make them more balanced.

Current attributes of AUG in Free Fire

AUG is an assault rifle in Free Fire and players love to play with this for its amazing damage and also because it comes with a pre-attached 2x scope. Compared to scar, AUG is more powerful as damage is much higher. Let’s check out the current statistics of AUG,

Rate of Fire61
Reload Speed48
Movement Speed50

This gun is already very powerful and it is quite rare in a Free Fire lobby. Its high damage and good rate of fire already give it a better position than most of the other guns in the game. As it comes with a pre-equipped 2x scope it becomes easy to find out enemies within mid-distance. The attributes of AUG will be better as developers will upgrade this gun in the next OB32 update patch. Checkout the upgradation.

Two attributes will change in AUG: Aamage and Range

Damage:2% increase
Range:3% increase

The already powerful assault rifle is going to be even more powerful. An increase in damage means it will take more health from the enemy by each shot. The gun range is also increased which indicates players with this gun can now shoot further.

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