Free Fire OB32 Update (19 January): Official Patch Notes & Maintenance Break Time Revealed

Free Fire’s (FF) OB32 update is scheduled to release on January 19, 2022. This new update will bring many new changes to the game, such as new characters, a new pet, new mechanisms, and much more. This post will share the official patch notes of the OB32 update coming this Wednesday.

Free Fire January 19 (OB32 Update) Maintenance Break Time:

Similar to the previous OB updates, before the release of the OB32 update, the servers will also be taken down to smoothen the process of adding new features to the game. On January 19, 2022, the maintenance break for the OB32 patch update shall be from 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST. During this period, players will not be able to log in and play the game.

Why Is Free Fire Not Opening Today on January 19, 2022?

On January 19, 2022, every player must be thinking that why is Free Fire not opening today? So let us tell you that developers have to take down the game’s servers to add new features. So on January 19, 2022, developers have taken down the servers between 09:00 AM IST to 04:30 PM IST to introduce new features of the OB32 update.

Free Fire OB32 Update Patch Notes:

1. Creation Workshop

I. Parkour Mode
  • New customizable mode in the Crafting Workshop.

“Let your imagination soar in the new Parkour mode! Experience a whole new gameplay.”

  • The first player to reach the End Point wins;
  • Add Checkpoints to control the route;
  • Set up re-spawn points and doom zones.
II. Map Editor
  • New items and rules in the Crafting Workshop.

“How about aerial battles? Do you prefer moving obstacles or stacking them to create barriers in the scenario? Play with the new options in the Creation Workshop and let your imagination rule!”

  • New items – Pet Race barriers have been added for map customization;
  • New Kittens – Checkpoint, Zone of Ruin, Equipment Spawners;
  • Objects can now fly;
  • Some types of objects can be stacked.
III. Mode Editor
  • Team battles have arrived!

“We know that sometimes battling a team isn’t exciting enough. That’s why in this update, custom modes will be able to have A LOT more than two teams in battle!”

  • Capacity of 2 to 12 teams per match;
  • Maximum players: 12;
  • Maximum team size: 6 players.

2. Other Free Fire MAX optimizations

“Enjoy your lobby with the whole team!”

  • Improved 360º view in the lobby;
  • Leaders lobby available to the entire team;
  • The entire team will have the team leader lobby automatically in Free Fire MAX;
  • It is possible to turn off this function in the settings.

3. Other Optimizations

  • Animation when reloading the optimized SPAS12 and M1014;
  • Optimized facial expressions for some characters.

4. Characters

I. Skyler
  • Hold to aim function on skill button to improve accuracy.

“We realized that it’s not exactly the most hands-on experience to use Skyler’s ability while aiming. In this update, the ability to hold the button to aim has been added so that you can actually use the Breaker to destroy Walls of Gel”

  • Breaker : Players can now hold to aim by holding the skill button.
II. Olivia
  • Increased extra HP when lifting teammates.

“To make Olivia’s ability more effective in times of direct combat, Healing Touch will now provide more health starting with this update. You can now help your rushers get back into the fight more efficiently!”

  • Healing Touch : Survivors raised by you will raise with 30/36/43/51/60/70 -> 30/40/50/60/70/80 extra health.
III. Xtreme
  • Increased skill duration, improved Gel Wall damage, and reduced cooldown.

“Controlling Xtrema has been a particularly tricky task. We’ve tweaked some details so you can use her ability more comfortably in extreme situations.”

  • Radical Damage : Temporarily gain 80 health that will decrease over time. Damage to Gel Walls and shields is increased by 40/50/61/73/86/100% -> 90/100/110/120/130/150%. Duration: 10s -> 15s. Cooldown: 150/140/130/120/110/100s -> 130/120/110/100/90/80s.
IV. Maxim
  • Increased time to use Medical Kits.

“Although Gluttony received our attention in the last update, some details still make it overkill compared to other passive skills. As of this update, Gluttony will need a little more time to consume kits and mushrooms. After all, eating too fast is bad for digestion.”

  • Gluttony : Consuming Medical Kits and Mushrooms increases by 5/8/12/17/23/30% -> 5/9/13/17/21/25%.

5. Clash Squad

I. New Map
  • Alpine – a new battle experience.

“Prepare your heart because there are new emotions coming!”

  • Alpine is now available in Clash Squad and Ranked CS mode.
II. New Area
  • New areas of Bermuda come to Clash Squad.

“Known lands, new adventures!”

  • Play Clash Squad on the Dam and Hangar.
III. Map Adjustments

“Nothing’s worse than the feeling of having no shelter, right? We’ve added new covers in overly empty parts of Bermuda. Get to know the new terrain and prepare your strategies!”

  • Adjustments in Bermuda in the following areas: Katulastiwa, Mars Electric and Mill.
IV. Battle Stats
  • Display your battle stats on the loading screen.

“A brand new interface comes to the Ranked Squad Squad loading screen! You will be able to select the data that other players will be able to see – but remember that this is a great opportunity to close out the game’s strategy!”

  • Added Battle Stats to Ranked Clash Squad loading screen – select which stats and tags you want to show.
V. Airdrop in CS
  • Now the battle will boil!

“Now we will have Airdrops in the Clash Squad. Keep an eye out and run to secure first-class equipment! You know the twelve with 3 shots? Yeah, maybe you’ll find it there!”

  • One Airdrop will appear per round. Only available in the classic Clash Squad.
VI. New patent icons
  • New year, new update, new look!

“It’s been quite a while since the rank icons. In this update we introduce a new collection of rank icons for the Clash Squad!”

  • New icons only available in Ranked CS.

6. Clash Squad

I. Safe Zone Settings
  • Speed ​​and time adjustments.

“We’ve noticed that the start of matches in Battle Royale is going too smoothly – so we’ve decided to adjust the initial speed of each stage of the Safe Zone a little bit.”

  • Time and speed of the first Safe Zones adjusted to make matches more hectic. Only available in classic Battle Royale.

II. News at the Dam

  • Polished details.

“We know the dam is starting to look too old, so we’ve decided to give the area a makeover in this update!”

  • Remastered Bermuda Dam Region Features Incorporated into Classic Bermuda.
II. In-game events
  • Event adjustments and equipment availability.

“To make searching for gear more interesting, we’ve changed some gameplay details.”

  • Discounted items at the Airdrop Vending Machine;
  • Battle Chests will receive better armor as the match progresses;
  • Airdrop equipment rarity increases as the match progresses.
III. Respawn Optimization
  • Improved experience to bring players back.

“While the very experience of respawning and returning to combat is exhilarating, it’s a little nerve-racking to have to search for gear again. In this update, respawn players will start with tier 1 armor and pistols, so it’ll be a little easier to get back into the game. battle.”

  • Players who parachute after respawning will be directed to the Safe Zone;
  • Players who respawn will receive Lvl Helmet and Vest. 1 and pistol as standard.

7. Weapons and Balancing

I. New weapon: Extra Charge (Charge Buster)
  • New weapon available!

“The Extra Charge is the new shotgun available in this update. When you hold the fire button it will start charging, providing a much more powerful shot. Now, be careful: if you take too long, it will overheat.”

  • Base damage: 15
  • Firing rate: 0.3
  • Charger: 3

Charge: Charging the weapon will increase range and damage, as well as reduce scatter.

II. Weapon Tuning
  • Reduced effective range.

“The range of submachine guns and shotguns is a bit overkill for our purpose. In this update, we’ve tweaked a few details to balance this situation. Keep an eye out for these distinctions to ensure you choose the right weapon for your purpose.”

The following weapons received tweaks: M1014, SPAS12, M1887, MAG-7, UMP, MP5, MP40, P90, Thompson and MAC10 .

  • Effective range: -5%
  • Ranged headshot damage: -20%

Other weapon tweaks:

  • Mini Uzi : Effective Range: -5% ranged headshot damage: -20%, armor penetration: -20%;
  • Vector : Ranged headshot damage: -20%;
  • M500 : ranged headshot damage: -20%;
  • SCAR : damage: +4% Effective Range: +6%;
  • AUG : damage: +2% Effective Range: +3%;
  • Slingshot : Magazine: +2;
  • Light Grenade : 1 -> 5
  • Helmet Thickener : Headshot reduction: -20%
III. Vests
  • Explosive protection.

“The vest is Lvl. 3 but did the opponent use a grenade? Yeah, that hurts. We know. Starting with this update, vests will have protection against explosives to give you more breath at the end of the game!”

  • Vest Lvl. 1: Protection from explosives: +10%;
  • Vest Lvl. 2: Protection from explosives: +15%;
  • Vest Lvl. 3: Protection from explosives: +20%.
IV. New weapons in Airdrop
  • More choices for you!

“In this update, some advanced weapon attachments have been added to Airdrops.”

Advanced accessories in Airdrop:

  • Groza-X : Damage: +10%;
  • M249-X : Damage: +5%, Speed: +12%;
  • SVD-Y : Penetrates walls of gel (damage reduced), damage over time when hitting an opponent.

8. Training Island

I. Shooting Club Improvements
  • Opponent-shaped targets.

“Rectangular targets are for beginners. The new targets are shaped like opponents so you can simulate the difficulty of hitting a real opponent. Also, you’ll get feedback on how much damage is dealt depending on the area of ​​the body hit. “

  • Shooting Club improvements. New targets shaped like opponents.

9. Gameplay

I. Gun Tags
  • Weapon tags will appear on the Backpack for easier administration.

“Too many weapons, too little information? Problem solved, then! Learn the specialty of each weapon quickly from the weapon tags when checking the Backpack.”

  • Weapon tags will appear on the Backpack for easier administration.

10. Creation Workshop

I. Search by match
  • It’s time to get matches in the Crafting Workshop!

“Do you like the workshop but don’t usually have room cards? Relax, the Workshop is on! From now on, the search for a match is part of the Creation Workshop. You play in Booyah!”

  • Select Creative Mode and start chasing matches right now! 1 of the 14 featured maps will be selected for the match.

11. Optimizations

  • Optimization of the combat experience in Alpine;
  • Automatically equip items obtained from chests on the Training Island;
  • Improved explosion effects in Bomb Squad;
  • Tap the Shotgun and Pistol ammo icons;
  • It is now possible to enjoy when teammates take First Kill, Triple Kill, and Quad Kill;
  • Auto collection priority adjustment in settings;
  • Selectable: It is possible to mute text and voice messages during the game;
  • Collections tab moved to Vault;
  • Fitting room and availability of up to 2 pre-selected costumes;
  • Switch on replay option to automatically save the last 10 matches;
  • Both kills and assists will be considered for first win daily quests in Ranked Battle Royale;
  • Backpack visuals will become translucent when disrupting crosshairs to prevent backpacks from blocking view.

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