Collect Brisk Gallop Animation and Pegasus Skywing from Free Fire Latest Faded Wheel Event

Free Fire (FF) provides a variety of in-game cosmetic items ranging from emotes to bundles, gun skins, pet skins. Developers keep adding more items by launching various kinds of events. Luck Royale is one of the frequently occurring events and requires diamonds (in-game currencies) to participate in it.

On January 29, 2021 Free Fire introduced brisk gallop animation and Pegasus skying in a faded wheel event which can be accessible till February 4, 2022. Brisk gallop animation is an exclusive animation in which a horse rider comes in and the avatar jumps from it. Players can show this exclusive animation during team matchmaking or in MVP announcements. Along with this, a specially featured pegasus skywing is available as a grand prize. After jumping from the pane, it will replace the surfboard as well as the parachute. However, a skywing has no additional attributes.

In a faded wheel event, players have to spin the wheel with diamonds to get rewards. The best part of this event is one reward will not repeat. For this feature, players can get both the brisk gallop animation and the pegasus skywing for sure.

The Prize Pool of latest faded wheel event Free Fire

Grand prizes

1. Brisk Gallop Emote
2. Pegasus Skywing

Other Items

  • Wings of the Devil parachute
  • Pink Devil Weapon Loot Crate
  • Fiery Flames surfboard
  • New Year Weapon Box
  • Diamond Royale Voucher 
  • Wooden Horse Loot Box
  • Shirt (Red)
  • 1x Cube Fragment

Diamonds Required to spin a Faded Wheel

Required number of diamonds are 9, 19, 39 ,69 ,99 ,149 ,199 ,499. It is clear that the required number of diamonds will increase after each spin. A total of 1082 diamonds will require to get every item from the prize pool.

Steps to get Brisk Gallop animation and Pegasus Skywing from the latest faded wheel

  • Step 1: After signing in Free Fire, open the luck royale section.
  • Step 2: Choose the faded wheel event containing brisk gallop animation.
  • Step 3: Remove two items (except grand prizes) from the prize pool then make spins to collect rewards.

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