Get I Heart You and Heartbroken Emote from Free Fire Valentine’s Royale Event

Valentine’s week is knocking at the door and Free Fire already brought a love-themed luck royale event. Single or taken, this event offers a emote for everyone. The “I Heart You” emote features heart showing visuals whereas the “Heartbroken” emote displays a broken heart. Both the emotes are visually appealing, and many players will certainly love to acquire those.

But Luck Royale events need diamonds to participate and there is no surety about the specific number of diamonds to get grand prizes. Though there is a luck quotient in the event. The more the luck quotient is the more chance is to get grand prizes. Along with those two emotes, a male and female bundle is also available as grand prizes.

The Valentine’s Royale in Free Fire (FF) started on January 31, 2021 and will continue up to February 6, 2022. There are two options available for collecting items. Players can choose either 1 spin for 40 diamonds or 10 spins with an additional spin for 400 diamonds. It is a pure luck-based event. But if a player does not buy or spend diamonds frequently, the chances to get a grand prize with fewer diamonds are higher for them.

Total Prize Pool of Free Fire Valentine’s Royale

1. I Heart You Emote
2. Heartbroken Emote
Other Items
  • Heartbreak Cupid Bundle(Male)
  • Sweetheart Cupid Bundle(Female)
  • Rose Bandana
  • Pink Dragon Backpack
  • Broomstick of Love
  • I Jump
  • You Jump
  • Pet Skin: Waggor in Love
  • Pink Heart
  • Blue Heart
  • Pink Roses
  • Romantic Love
  • Heartbeat tokens
  • Gun loot crates

How to collect items from Free Fire Valentine’s Royale

  • Step 1: Go to the luck royale section after opening the Free Fire game.
  • Step 2: Open Valentine’s royale then choose the spinning option.
  • Step 3: Make spins till you get your desired item.

An exchange option is also available so players can get their favorable item by exchanging heartbeat tokens. To do that simply Tap on the “Exchange” option from the top corner of the event interface > Choose an item and exchange with the heartbeat tokens.

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