Upcoming Famas Evo Gun Skin ‘Demonic Grin’ in Free Fire: Release Date and Effects leaked

Till now Free Fire (FF) players had witnessed evo gun skins of AK, MP-40, SCAR-L, and some other guns. As per some leaked information, developers will launch an all-new evo gun skin in the upcoming days. The evo gun skin is named Famas Demonic Grin. The gun skin has a unique and deadly look inspired by demons and blood. The hit effect, kill effect, animation and the fully upgraded look of this upcoming evo gun skin are deadly and super cool as well. Just like any other evo gun skins Famas Demonic Grin will also have seven levels. But players are going to need a lot of diamonds (a couple of thousand diamonds) to upgrade this gun in its maxed form.

Release Date of Famas Demonic Grin

The release date of the upcoming Famas evo skin is not known yet. Many players are predicting that this will might be launched either in the upcoming or in the faded wheel event after that.

Famas Demonic Grin: Appearance

1. Level 1

At level 1 of this new evo gun, the visuals are not that impressive. The gun has a look with a color combination of red and white. At the top of the gun muzzle, a horn can be seen.

2. Level 3

At level 3 the looks will be a little more attractive. In the red and white color combination, a slight touch of green will appear. A demonic face will also take place at the front of the gun. 

3. Level 6

At this level, another demonic face with white color will appear at the back of the gun.

4. Level 7

It is the final form. Attractive blood featured visual effects will cover the gun.

Famas Demonic Grin: Kill Announcement

A special kill announcement will appear in the kill feed if a player eliminates an enemy with the Famas Demonic Grin. This feature will be unlocked in level 2.

Famas Demonic Grin: Hit Effect

A splash of blood can be seen when a bullet from the Demonic Grin Famas hits the target. This feature will be available at level 4

Famas Demonic Grin: Kill Effect

Special blood featured animation can be seen as a killing effect. After eliminating an enemy, the kill effect will surely give fear to the heart of opponent teammates. Available at Level 5.

Famas Demonic Grin: Exclusive Emote

After upgrading the evo gun to level 7(ultimate form) a special emote will be unlocked.

This is it about the upcoming Famas Demonic Grin evo gun. The attributes of this gun skin are not leaked yet. We will let you know after getting any information regarding this gun skin.

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