Get Flowers of Love Emote, Prince Pink Bundle, and other rewards from Free Fire Valentine’s Wish Event

As per our prediction, the Valentine’s Wish event is now released in Free Fire (FF). It’s February 7, 2022 means valentine’s week of 2022 is started already. To make the week even more romantic developers introduced this all-new love-themed wish event. This event will remain in-game till February 13, 2022.

In this latest Free Fire wish event players can wish for a chance to win the flower of love emote, the prince pink, and the princess pink bundle. 1 wish will cost 20 diamonds whereas a 10+1 wish will require 200 diamonds. Already Owned items will be removed from the event prize pool. This special feature of the Valentine’s wish event provides a higher chance of winning the desired prize.

it seems that the main bundle is a little modified copy of a previously launched bundle. However, players can still try their luck and participate in this event.

Items that can be collected from Free Fire Valentine’s Wish event

Unique Prizes:

  • Flowers of Love (emote)
  • Prince Pink bundle
  • Princess Pink bundle
  • Gloo wall-Power of Love
  • Katana-Season of Pink
  • Heart Angel
  • Golden Rose backpack
  • Season of Love(surfboard)
  • Pet skin: Valentine’s Fox
  • Cupids Arrow(top)
  • Love kiss (Boy)
  • Love Heart (Girl)
  • Lovers
  • Lovers at first sight
  • Be my valentine
  • Blue cupid
  • Strawberry love
  • Be my valentine

Normal prizes:

  • Cupid (Scar) weapon loot crate
  • Valentine’s (AK+AWM) Weapon Loot crate
  • Water balloon (AK) Weapon Loot Crate
  • Pet food                              
  • Resupply map                   
  • Scan                                      
  • Bonfire
  • summon airdrop
  • 50x universal fragment
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Jota)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Luqueta)
  • 50x Memory Fragment(D-bee)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Xayne)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Maro)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Leon)
  • 50x Memory Fragment (Otho)

How to collect desired items from Free Fire Valentine’s Wish event

  • Step 1: After opening Free Fire, log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Click on the banner of the Valentine’s Wish event which will appear on the screen. An interface of the event will open directly. OR.  Click on the “calendar” icon at the right corner. Then open the “News” section. Now, go to the “Winter Wish” option.
  • Step 3: Choose your preferred option and tap “Wish”.

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