Assassin’s Creed event calendar in Free Fire MAX: Release date, Upcoming events, and rewards

The most awaited Free Fire (FF) x Assassin’s Creed collaboration is finally going to launch. In recent days players got doomed by the banning of Free Fire. But Free Fire MAX is still accessible and developers recently launched an all-new Moco Store event providing a sign of hope. Now, we have brought another great news as some popular data miners of Free Fire leaked about the upcoming event calendar.

Every new event campaign brings in a lot of in-game items and some of them can be collected for absolutely free. The upcoming event is named “The Creed of Fire” which features the popular console game assassin’s creed.

The Creed of Fire calendar release date: Free Fire MAX

We are hoping that this event calendar will go live on Free Fire MAX from February 28 to March 13, 2022. However, in this turmoil scenario where every upcoming event got postponed, it is very hard to predict the exact date.

The Creed of Fire event schedule: Free Fire MAX

Complete details about the upcoming missions in The Creed of Fire campaign is as follows,

  • Cumulative Log-in (February 28 to March 7): Get a Parachute for free
  • Assassin: The Chosen (March 4 to March 13)
  • Target List (March 4 to March 13): Get free banners and avatars
  • Assassin Training – Kill (March 4 to March 13)
  • Daily Login (March 4 to March 13): Collect 2 brotherhood pins
  • Daily Scout (March 4 to March 13): Collect 5 brotherhood pins
  • After Match drop (March 4 to March 13): Collect brotherhood pins
  • Personality Test (March 4 to March 13): Get a diamond royale voucher
  • 12 March login (March 12): Get 2x incubator vouchers
  • The Academy (March 7 to March 13): Get a loot box and a surfboard
  • Assassin Training – Booyah (March 8 to March 13): Get a P-90 skin

Leaked bundles, skins, and other items of The Creed of Fire campaign in Free Fire MAX

A lot of items which are never seen before are going to arrive in the upcoming days. Here’s a glimpse of those specially featured items,

1. Vengeful Brotherhood bundle
2. Petskin: Senu (Falco)
3. Hooded Parachute
4. P90-Metal Wings
5. Creed Avatar
6. Creed Banner
7. Hidden Assassins – Avatar
8. Brotherhood Pin

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