All Events and Items from the Free Fire Holi Splash Town Event Series: March 2022

New occasion means all new cosmetic items with new events. The festival of colors is very near and an array of events featured by the Holi festival has been released already. Free Fire is now a widely played game in India so it is obvious that developers will try to engage more Indians by featuring an Indian grand occasion. The ongoing splash town event campaign brings in lots of new kinds of events offering exclusive rewards. Some events have launched already while many events are yet to be introduced. Here’s a detailed discussion.

Daily Login-1:

Legendary guns are a very exclusive item in Free Fire and it requires lots of diamond to collect. From this event, players can trial legendary guns for 7 days for free. This event has begun already and going to end soon.

Weekend Mission:

This is a great chance to collect two pet food, two weapon royale vouchers, and a craftland card by playing Free Fire on the weekend. Simply play five matches and get all of the mentioned items for free. Hurry up! This offer is available for today only.

Gather Balloons, Make a splash:

Featuring the most loved activity in the Holi festival this event is one of its kind. Players have to collect balloons by stealing from friends and throwing them on a canvas for milestone rewards. No one should not miss this event as a premium Holi swagger jeep can be collected for free. Launched on March 9, this event will remain in the game till march 20.

Play Lone Wolf – Strike Out To get vouchers

It’s an excellent opportunity to collect a diamond royale and a weapon royale voucher for free. To get both the luck royale vouchers, players only have to play 2 matches in the lone wolf mode between march 12 to march 20, 2022.

Holi Extra Rewards:

This event will be introduced on March 19 providing a Holi-themed skin of M1917 for free. However, the missions are not known yet.

Login reward

Simply log in to your account in Free Fire MAX on march 19 and get a funky knight face mask for free.

Snakes & Ladder:

From the name, it is expected that it will be themed as the worldwide classic board game. Though players have to wait till March 14 for getting complete information about this event. It can be accessible till march 20 and an exclusive bundle will be given for free.

Here is a glimpse of that upcoming bundle:

Dodge the Balloon

Another event from the splash town event series will release on March 14. From this event, players can collect a Holi-themed face paint for free.

Get ready to give your character a Holi vibe.

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