Top Changes in Free Fire after OB33 Update: Free Fire Latest News

Developers release a Free Fire ‘Open Beta’ or OB update about every two months, bringing new features and items into the game. Such update patches always come full of surprises that keep players excited.

From the advance server, lots of leaks about the upcoming OB 33 update is been circulating on the internet. Well, there are a few days left before the update patch release in the game officially and we have got the latest information about the OB33 update.

Expected Launch Date of OB33 Update patch

The previous few Free Fire update patches were released a day before the end of the Clash Squad ranked season. The current Clash Squad ranked season will come to an end on March 24, 2022. Summing it up, it is expected that the players could see the next update releasing on either March 23 or March 24.

On the day of the OB33 update, Free Fire’s servers will be down for a few hours due to a maintenance break. It will approximately start at 9:30 AM IST and will end around 6 PM IST. The update might be released a few hours into the maintenance.

Expected features in Free Fire OB33 update patch

OB33 New Gun – G36

This upcoming AR gun will have two modes. In auto mode, the rate of fire will be high but it will deal less damage per hit. In the single mode, it can deal high damage per hit. It will be a well-rounded weapon for many kinds of battles.

Zasil – New Pet

The latest edition in Free Fire’s pet list. The pet has an active skill named extra luck. Every time owner of Zasil consumes an inhaler/ medkit /repair kit there’s a chance of getting an additional one. It will have a cool down time also. To get full details about Zasil click here.

OB33 Credibility Score

The maximum credibility is 100. Different types of behavior will have different effects on the credibility total. Playing fairly and co-operatively will give points. While cheating will result in a point deduction. A credibility score of less than 90 will result in suspension from ranked CS. A credibility score of less than 60 will result in all ranked modes being suspended.

Zombie Mode

The most loved zombie mode will return in the upcoming update patch in Free Fire. Rumors are some old and rare zombie-themed bundles will relaunch too. However, players have to purchase them with diamonds. Keep following our website to stay up to date with the latest leaks about the zombie mode.

Changes in Map

The very recent collaboration with the assassin’s creed brought in some changes in the classic map. The ordinary towers were replaced with an exclusive themed tower from where players can jump freely without losing hp. After the OB33 update patch, these kinds of towers will be replaced with classic ones.

Upcoming Gloo wall skins

Upcoming Bundles

Upcoming weapon skins

Paloma 2.0

OB33 Upcoming emotes

OB 33New Angelic Costume

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