Get Splash of Colours Gloo wall and Lighting eye face paint for Free from Holi Top Up event: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire keeps introducing the latest and exclusive in-game items. Usually, the premium-looking items require lots of diamonds to get. Diamonds are in-game currencies in Free Fire and won’t come for free. The only way is to purchase them with real money. However, lots of players keep buying and spending diamonds to get their desired item. Top-up events are a blessing for them. They can get free exclusive items by purchasing a certain number of diamonds through top-up events.

OB33 update is going to launch soon introducing lots of exclusive items. So, a special Holi-themed top-up event is a good opportunity to stock diamonds and get Holi-themed items for free.

The all-new Holi top-up event has been launched on March 16. It has two exclusive items in the reward pool. An aggressive-looking lighting eye face paint and a Holi-themed splash of color gloo wall can be collected for purchasing a total of 300 diamonds. However, players must complete the mission before it ends on March 20.

Prize Pool of Free Fire Holi Top Up event

Purchase 100 diamonds: Get Lighting eye face paint

Purchase 300 diamonds: Get a Splash of colours gloo wall

Complete process to get Splash of Colours Gloo wall and Lighting eye face paint for Free

  • Step 1: At first, top-up diamonds. To do that, log in to your Free Fire MAX account then select the “+” button beside the diamond icon from the top of the home lobby.
  • Step 2: Then, choose the number of diamonds you want to purchase. Minimum 300 diamonds need to be purchased for getting both the Lighting eye face paint and splash of colours gloo wall.
  • Step 3: Check the privacy policy first then complete the transaction process. Purchased diamonds will be added to the diamond list.
  • Step 4: Now the rewards are ready to be redeemed. Go to the calendar icon from the home lobby then select the Holi top-up event tab. From there get both of your rewards.

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