Collect Noble Samurai Bundle from the latest incubator: Free Fire MAX

Recently there is a trend of reintroducing old and most sought bundles in Free Fire. Following those developers recently added Samurai x Geisha incubator which is available for a very limited period. The incubator is special as it was first launched way back in 2019 and became very popular. The bundles from this incubator are very rare and super attractive but players need to hurry as this will remain the game for 7 days only.

Everything about Samurai x Geisha incubator

The Samurai x Geisha incubator has re-launched on March 18 and will be available till March 24, 2022. It is a luck-based event where players have to make spins with diamonds for collecting noble samurai blueprint and evolution stones. These two items are essential to crafting the noble samurai set. There are two options for making spins. Players can choose 1 spin for 40 diamonds or they can go for 5 spins for 180 diamonds. Just like any other incubator, players will not receive the costumes directly. Rather, they have to spin with diamonds to gather materials that they may later exchange for bundles.

Rewards of Samurai x Geisha incubator: Free Fire MAX

The looks of these samurai-themed bundles are very minimalistic and appealing. Noble Samurai bundle has golden decoration providing a very premium look. The female version of this bundle is also very elegant. In this Samurai x Geisha incubator, all of the bundles require a different number of materials.

The available outfits are,

  • Noble Samurai Bundle
  • Golden Empress Bundle
  • Ruby Samurai Bundle
  • Ruby Empress Bundle
  • Silver Samurai Bundle
  • Silver Empress Bundle

Steps to access the latest incubator in Free Fire MAX Incubator

  • Step 1: After opening Free Fire MAX  click on the Luck Royale section from the left corner of the home screen.
  • Step 2: Select the Incubator option and make spins to collect materials.
  • Step 3: After getting the required materials, you can exchange them for rewards.

The cost involved in the Incubator is high, so players having enough diamonds should attempt to get the outfit.

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