Free Fire MAX next Weapon Royale March 2022: Frenzy Bunny Charge Buster gun skin leaked

Unlike PUBG and COD, Free Fire provides unique attributes in gun skins. For this reason, special gun skins play an important role in a Free Fire game lobby. Tons of different kinds of gun skins are available here. Some of them don’t have any additional attributes, whereas legendary ones have highly increased attributes as well as a visually super attractive look.

In Free Fire, there is a luck royale event named weapon royale where developers keep adding all-new exclusive legendary guns every month. Currently going MAC-10 Frozen Platinum will end on March 24, 2022, at 11.59.59 PM IST. With this, a new legendary gun of Charge Buster will be added to the weapon royale.

Everything about the upcoming Frenzy Bunny Charge Buster

Charge Buster is a unique kind of Shotgun in Free Fire. Unlike other shotguns, it fires after holding the fire button for a sufficient time. Players require to hold the fire button to build enough charge for the gun to shoot. In the upcoming Frenzy Bunny, charge buster players will get some buff. The gun range will be increased along with the reload speed. However, movement speed will be reduced.

Here are the complete attributes of Frenzy Bunny charge buster,

  • Range ++
  • Reload Speed +
  • Movement Speed –

Release date of next Weapon Royale: Frenzy Bunny Charge Buster

The new weapon royale of Charge Buster is scheduled to release on March 25, 2022, at 12 PM after the end of the MAC-10’s weapon royale.

About Weapon Royale event

The weapon royale section is available under the ‘luck royale’ tab of Free Fire MAX. Developers introduce exclusive legendary guns in this event every month. The guns are very rare and usually never occur in any other events. Along with a legendary gun skin as a grand prize, tons of other gun skins and some common in-game items also get added to the prize pool. To collect items players, have to make spins. They can either spin using diamonds or can use a weapon royale voucher. One spin requires 1 weapon royale voucher or 40 diamonds, whereas 10+1 spin needs 400 diamonds or 10 weapon royale vouchers.

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