Free Fire MAX Next Diamond Royale Bundle Release Date, and other details– Soiree Gentleman Bundle

In terms of all-new cosmetic bundles, Free Fire never disappoints its players. There’s a variety of events providing lots of exclusive outfits in the game. Luck royale events are a very popular kind of event where luck is required for getting any desired item. Diamond Royale is a popular event in the luck royale section in which developers introduce cool and exclusive outfits every month.

Currently, the Dusklit slayer bundle is available in the game but it will remain till March 25, 2022, at 11.59.59 PM. Male and female bundles are introduced alternatively through Diamond Royale. So, it can be expected that the upcoming diamond royale set will be a male bundle.

Free Fire MAX March 2022 Diamond Royale Release Date:

The upcoming diamond royale grand outfit is the Soiree Gentleman bundle.

The bundle has a super cool and funky look. There is a flame painting in the face mask which gives the whole bundle an aggressive look. This latest bundle will be available in the game on March 26, 2022, at 12 PM IST.

Everything about the Diamond Royale event in Free Fire

To get access to the diamond royale section, players require to tap on the ‘Luck Royale’ tab first. After that choose diamond royale to open the event interface. Just like other luck royale sections, in diamond royale, you have to spend diamonds to draw items from the prize pool. You can either choose a diamond royale voucher or diamonds to spin. 1 spin will require 1 diamond royale voucher or 40 diamonds whereas a 10+1 spin will require 10 diamond royale vouchers or 400 diamonds.

However, there is no guarantee to get the grand prize for sure. The more you spin the more you are prone to get the grand prize. In the prize pool of a diamond royale, there are also lots of other in-game items which can be very useful.

OB33 update is yet to be launched and with it, lots of new kinds of events will be introduced to the Free Fire. Keep following to get every latest update of Free Fire.

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