How to get DJ Alok & other Characters for Free – Collect link tokens in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire is now among the most popular Battle Royale mobile games. Behind its enormous success, there is the gaming experience it provides. Players can choose between various characters and the most interesting thing is, these characters are one of a kind with special abilities. Usually, most of the premium characters don’t come for cheap as players require diamonds (in-game currencies) to get those. On March 24, 2022, developers finally launched a rare event from which players can get DJ Alok or their desired character for free. DJ Alok is a very premium character who has ‘Drop the Beat’ ability. It is the first time that Free Fire is giving this powerful character for free. This event will only be available till April 15, 2022, so don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Complete the following missions to claim LINK Tokens:

  • Play 1 match – 2 LINK Tokens
  • Kill enemies five times – 1 LINK Token
  • Get Booyah in CS mode for 1 match – 1 LINK Token
  • Reach the top 5 in BR mode – 1 LINK Token
  • Play 60 minutes – 2 LINK Tokens
  • Play 8 matches – 1 LINK Token
  • Play 80 minutes – 2 LINK Tokens
  • Play 12 matches – 1 LINK Token

Alternatively, players can spend 500 gold coins for one Link token. In a day, only four tokens can be collected. Go to the store section to exchange tokens with gold. Then select the ‘Item ‘option in the ‘normal’ column.

How to claim DJ Alok or desired character by exchanging LINK Tokens?

  • Step 1: First open Free Fire MAX and then complete the missions mentioned above.
  • Step 2: Then, players should tap on the ‘Events’ icon and the Free Character System section will be opened.
  • Step 3: Open the ‘Collect tokens’ tab from the ‘Redeem Free Character’ section and claim tokens by tapping beside.
  • Step 4: After gathering enough tokens, go to the “Exchange Tokens” option and click on the Character Choice Crate. 100 link tokens are required to get the crate.
  • Step 5: Now select your desired Free Fire character and tap on the Choose option.

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