Basic Tips and Tricks for Beginners While Playing Rust

Playing survival games is always tricky because you must fight off several threats against your life. For instance, in Rust, you’re not just facing threats from bears and wolves; you’ll be avoiding other players too. Moreover, you might prevent these dangers only to die of hypothermia or drowning. 

So, how do you survive these threats and even emerge a winner in Rust? What will beginners entering into the harsh world do to survive, at least for some time? That’s what we’ll share in this article. Also, we recommend grabbing some rust cheats to simplify your game. 

Tips and Tricks for Rust 

1. Gather your Lifeline 

This may sound strange, but you’re your lifeline in Rust is wood. One shocking detail about Rust is that you only enter the land with a torch and rock. Every other thing you’ll need to survive will come from you. But one material you’ll need for all that is wood. So, make sure you get enough to create gears, weapons and other tools. One pro tip is to cut trees using that rock to get woods. But when doing that, target the red X spot on that tree to generate enough wood. 

2. Simple weapons and tools help 

As a beginner, you’ll need your weapon and tool to proceed successfully. So, once you’ve gathered enough wood, rocks and metals, craft your spear and hatchet. The spear will help you fight off those senseless attackers who’re after you. As for the hatchet, you can use it to cut more trees, for building bases. So, don’t waste time after you spawn, wondering when you’ve got work to do. 

3. Build before excess farming

 Apart from weapons and tools, you must get a base to hide away from threats and also store your goodies. That’s why it’s useless to over-farm when you’ve not prepared a storage location. Many players will usually target newbies moving about, trying to gather materials even when they have enough to start living. So, get your tools and build your base. Also, avoid farming close to your spawn spot. Instead, find a building place, especially farther from wicked players and wildlife.  

4. Prepare more than one storage spot

Building one home in Rust is risky because it might be a case of all eggs in one basket. So the smart thing to do is scatter your bases on several locations to avoid losing everything at once. But when picking out the spots, make sure you’re careful about it. Choose sites that are a bit secluded but not too far from resources. For instance, places with trees, hilly areas, roads will be good for you to minimize the distance you will cover to find materials. 

5. Utilize the ALT key

Since Rust is a survival game, you must do everything to stay safe. One of such moves is always to look behind and around. It doesn’t matter whether you’re farming, running, or simply walking. Thankfully, with the ALT key, you can check who’s creeping up behind you or around you without halting from anything you’re doing. 

6. Visit the ocean 

One of the good places to find materials, especially scraps in by the ocean. The interesting thing about it is that many players don’t even remember this place initially. Some people farm around their spawn spots and do not think about the ocean. So, hop into a boat and drive off to stay safe and gather what you need. That means you must learn about boats in the game to succeed in the adventure. 

7. Listen to that crackling sound

Beginners can avoid drowning, hypothermia, aggressive players, and wildlife but still die from radiation. Yes, it exists in Rust, and if you’re not aware of it, you’ll die before your time. Thankfully, we already know how to identify its existence, and that’s through the crackling sound. So, no matter what you do, when you hear it, run away unless you’ve covered yourself adequately against it. Also, you can steer clear of abandoned buildings because that’s the place it exists. 


Playing Rust is fun for professionals but terrifying for beginners. This is because many people even die before they gather materials to survive. Thankfully the tips and tricks above can help you in the game. So, make sure you collect your lifeline, create tools and weapons, build wisely, avoid radiation and farm at the Oceanside. 

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