Upcoming BTS events and items in Free Fire MAX: BTS Crystal Calendar all events

In Free Fire MAX some BTS collaboration events had been released already, whereas some are yet to come. The collaboration brought in seven unique and stylish bundles which created a great hype among players. To get any of the bundles from the item list, a crystal token is a must. Recently the token became available in-store from where players can get a token by diamonds. There are more items that the BTS collaboration will bring later in Free Fire MAX. let’s look upon those,

BTS Faded Wheel event

A faded wheel event with BTS-themed items will be launched on April 3, 2022. It will last till April 9. Faded wheel events are a kind of luck royale events and players require diamonds for participating. Prizes once drawn do not repeat in this event so players can get their desired item for sure. Though players must not forget that the required number of diamonds increases with each subsequent spin.

From here players can make spins for the BTS crystal token and other in-game items. The reward list will be different (except the BTS crystal token) for the India server.

One Day Sale-50% off

On April 9, 2022, a huge discount will be given for the BTS crystal token. According to rumors, players can get a token with a flat 50% discount from the store section. It will be a one-day event so players should not miss the opportunity.

Redeem BTS Crystal using Neon Stick Tokens

The event for collecting neon sticks was released on March 25 but there is no option till now to redeem BTS crystal. From April 2, 2022, an all-new interface will be opened. Players have to wave a glow stick to get special rewards. Also, players can collect a BTS Crystal token by exchanging it with neon stick tokens.

BTS Lucky Wheel event

Lucky wheel events generally come with heavy discounts on in-game items. A BTS themes lucky wheel event will launch in Free Fire MAX on April 10 and will end on April 16. Players can collect cool and rare BTS-themed items with a heavy discount. Chances are the BTS Crystal will also be available at this event. However, the reward list is not known yet.

Upcoming Free Fire x BTS collaboration items

Here are some leaked images of upcoming items in Free Fire MAX from the BTS collaboration.

Bluish Flush Backpack

BTS Surfboard

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