Free Fire MAX Season 48 Elite pass May 2022 Release Date, Pre-order: Upcoming elite pass bundles and skins revealed

Free Fire offers tons of items for players and most of them are quite expensive. Elite pass occurs every month launching exclusive themed premium items. From here, players can collect a plethora of themed cosmetics at a significantly lower cost than purchasing from store.

At, we try to inform players about the upcoming elite pass so that they can get an overview of the items. Thus, they can decide to save or purchase diamonds for upcoming elite pass.

Release Date of Free Fire MAX Season 48 Elite Pass

The Season 48 Elite Pass (S48 EP) will be launched on May 1, 2022.

Leaked items of Free Fire MAX Season 48 Elite Pass

Just like any other elite pass in Free Fire, upcoming season 48 elite pass will also feature an exclusive theme. From the leaked images, we can expect that it will be a checker board themed. Elite pass provides two bundles, one male and one female, and various items like backpacks, jackets, gun skins, and more. To unlock those items elite badges are required. Players must complete some given missions for the badges.

Let’s have a look up on the upcoming items and the required number of badges,

Tuk Tuk – Checkered King – 0 badge

AN94 – Checkered Knight – 10 badges

Checkmate Warrioress – 15 badges

Checkmate Dame Bundle – 50 badges

Knight Gleam Skyboard -100 badges

Grenade – Checkered King – 125 badges

Board Gallop loot box – 150 badges

Checkered King Backpack – 195 badges

Checkmate Knight Bundle – 225 badges

Remember that these are mere leaks and the actual items may vary.


Q: What will be the price for Free Fire Elite pass Season 48?

Ans: The price of this Free Fire Elite Pass Season 48 for the month of May is expected to be the same. 499 diamonds will require for the Elite Pass. Players will also have the chance of pre-ordering the pass a few days before the launch.

Q: When Will S45 EP Pre-Order Start?

Ans: The process of pre-ordering starts before releasing every new Elite Pass in Free Fire and offer an exclusive pre-order reward. The Season 48 Elite of May 2022 pass pre-orders will start in Free Fire MAX from May 28, 2022, and ends on April 30, 2022.

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