Get a BTS Bundle for as low as 1 diamond: BTS Lucky Wheel event in Free Fire MAX

The last event of the BTS x Free Fire collaboration has been released in the game. This is also the last chance for getting a BTS Crystal token which is essential for a BTS bundle. A total of seven exclusive BTS bundles were released in the game. Till now, many events had been introduced for providing the BTS crystal but most of them require a good number of diamonds.

Everything about the BTS Lucky Wheel event in Free Fire MAX

On April 10, 2022, developers released a lucky wheel event from which players can get the BTS Crystal token for as low as 1 diamond. Those who don’t know about the lucky wheel event let us tell you that such events provide a free spin and give a discounted prize randomly on certain items. Let’s not forget that each lucky discount can be used for purchasing one item only.

Here are the complete options of Lucky Discounts,

  • •              1 diamond
  • •              99 diamonds
  • •              80% discount
  • •              75% discount
  • •              70% discount
  • •              60% discount
  • •              55% discount
  • •              50% discount

This is a luck-based event and there is no guarantee of getting the desired discount. However, there is no harm to trying because the first spin is free. This exclusive opportunity will come to an end on April 16, 2022, so players should hurry up.

Prize Pool of the BTS Lucky Wheel event in Free Fire MAX

There are a lot of items in the prize pool of the BTS Lucky wheel event. But, the discount will be applicable for a randomly selected 8 items (except BTS Crystal). One can refresh the prize pool with diamonds if they don’t like the prizes.

Steps to access the BTS Lucky Wheel event: Free Fire MAX

  • •              Step 1: After Opening the home screen of Free Fire MAX, tap on the lucky wheel icon on the right side of the screen.
  • •              Step 2: Make a free spin and a random discount will be given.
  • •              Step 3: Get your desired item at a discounted price. 

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