Best 4 Magic Cube Bundles to get in Free Fire MAX in April 2022: Latest Collection

In Free Fire, bundles are among the most desired item. Players don’t hesitate to pay hundreds of diamonds to get the most visually appealing ones. These are generally available in luck royal, faded wheel, moco store, and other events.

Besides the above-mentioned options, there is another way of collecting premium outfits. Players can exchange a Magic Cube for a bundle through the redeem section of the store. However, obtaining a Magic Cube is not that easy. Aplayer will require 100 magic cube fragments for crafting one magic cube.

Best Magic Cube Bundles on Free Fire MAX in April 2022

The Magic Cube bundles within the store have been refreshed adding various outfits within the game. Currently, a total of ten outfits are available in the redeem section and we have shortlisted the best four sets.

1. Venom Touch Bundle

The Venom Touch bundle was first introduced to the game through a Diamond Royale in June 2019. It seems like the outfit is inspired by a Sci-Fi movie for its appearance. There is a cool green effect on the hands and legs. It was added in the redeem section of magic cube many days ago still it has the premium appearance to be in the top list. Here are the available components:

  • Venom Touch (Mask)
  • Venom Touch (Top)
  • Venom Touch (Bottom)
  • Venom Touch (Shoes)

2. Hunger Strike Bundle

It was first introduced in a diamond royal event and then re-launched in an event called ‘Rampage region’ back in June2021. Now it can be collected by using a magic cube from the store section. The bundle looks like a skeleton wearing armors. The looks are spooky and unique as well. The components are,

  • Hunger strike (Mask)
  • Hunger strike (Top)
  • Hunger strike (Bottom)
  • Hunger strike (Shoes)

3. Mystic Seeker Bundle

Inspired by the Mortal Combat battle ninjas, this outfit has a ninja look. The bundle consists of a fighting getup, armor, armguards, and shoulder guards. The hat is one of its kind and players might want to get this bundle for the hat only. The components of the bundle are,

  • Mystic Seeker (Hat)
  • Mystic Seeker (Mask)
  • Mystic Seeker (Top)
  • Mystic Seeker (Bottom)
  • Mystic Seeker(Shoes)

4. Duchess Swallowtail Bundle

It is the only female bundle on our top list. The set is based on a butterfly instead of a bird. The overall look is pretty elegant. The costume has a vibrant purple color with some bluish effects. The components of this bundle are,

  • Duchess Swallowtail (Mask)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Top)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Bottom)
  • Duchess Swallowtail (Shoes)

 The provided list is based completely on the writer’s opinion and the reader’s choice may vary. Don’t forget to tell your desired bundle in this current list of Magic Cube items. Comment down below!

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