Free Fire Universe Event: Hayato Special Event Calendar in Free Fire MAX

The Free Fire x BTS collaboration event has not ended yet and developers already introduced a new series of events dedicated to Hayato. An event calendar named ‘the First Battle’ was released on April 15, 2022, which will remain in the game till May 6, 2022. The most exciting news is that Free Fire will release a short film about the complete story of Hayato and his family. In addition, some missions which are never been seen before are going to launch.

The First Battle Event Calendar: Complete Schedule with rewards

  • Exploring Hayato House (April 15-April 24) – Get a Diamond Royale voucher
  •  How to start a fire-Informative Web (April 15-May 6)
  •  Weekend Mission (April 15-April 17) – Collect two-weapon loot crates
  •  Film Release Countdown (April 20-April 25) – get gun skins
  •  Login & Play (April 23) – Get Hayato character for free
  • Start the Fire with Hayato (April 23-April 26) – Get tokens and 3x Weapon Loot Crate
  • Beast Run (April 23-April 30) – Get a Parang SkinWatch Music video (April 27-May 1) – get a weapon loot crate

Events from the First Battle Event Calendar

Just like any other event campaign, the First Battle Event will also provide free cosmetic items. Some events have already been launched. Here is a detailed discussion,

Exploring Hayato’s House

Now, players can take a virtual tour to discover Hayato’s family secret. To open the event interphase, tap on the calendar icon first, and then go to Hayato’s house option. Players will get to know about their family of Hayato from this event. However, a diamond royal voucher will be provided for completing the event.

How to Start a Fire

Free Fire announced the launching of an entire universe of itself through this event. It is known that some exciting events are yet to come along with some exclusive maps. Players have to wait for a little to get more information about it.

Weekend Mission

The latest weekend mission event started on April 15 and will end on April 17, 2022. Players can get some weapon loot crates by completing certain missions.

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