Upcoming all Bundles from Ramadan Event in Free Fire MAX: April 2022

Free Fire had recently launched the Ramadan Event for 2022, and the event even featured lots of rewards and skins. Players already got an idea about the upcoming items in Free Fire MAX. Still, there are a lot more that developers did not introduce yet. Some infamous data miners already leaked almost every upcoming item following the Free Fire Ramadan special event campaign. Today let’s talk about the upcoming Ramadan special bundles that will launch later in-game.

Leaked Images of upcoming Bundles from Ramadan Event

Bundles are among the most sought-after item in the Free Fire game. Those outfits provide a cool appearance to the avatar that is being used in the in-game matches. So, players always remain excited about the upcoming bundles. Till now, we have collected images of four outfits and one of them is already introduced in the game.

Timbered Charmer (Galaxy) bundle

The ‘Stamp Collection’ event from which the bundle can be collected is already introduced in the game. However, it is not available yet. Players can participate in the event from April 26, 2022. The Timbered Charmer (Galaxy) bundle has an aesthetic vibe with the green-colored cloth and golden ornaments. Players can get the items completely free by completing in-game missions.

Timbered Charmer (Nebula) bundle

The Timbered Charmer (Nebula) set has a warrior look with the blue and golden color combination. According to rumours, this bundle will also be launched through the stamp collection event.

Timber Blossoms bundle

It is the only female bundle from the Ramadan Special event. Though the bundle is not that much attractive, a cool green aura gives it an interesting look. Till now we don’t have any information about the event containing this set. Players will have to wait a little more for the full specification.

Timbered Blooms bundle

The appearance of the Timbered Blooms set is very simple yet elegant. The Arabic design of the costume with a green crystal gives it a premium vibe.

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