Get Emerald Power Scythe, Emerald Bloom – Gloo Wall & Emerald Power backpack from Free Fire Ramadan Pass event

Recently a new Ramadan event is launched on the Indian server. It is named the Free Fire Ramadan Pass featuring three sub-sections. Each of those sections possesses several unique items, including a gloo Wall skin, Scythe, and backpack.

Acquire exclusive Gloo Wall skin, Scythe, and other rewards from Free Fire Ramadan Pass

The Free Fire Ramadan Pass event is introduced on April 29, 2022, and it will remain in the game till May 8, 2022. This event is providing a plethora of cosmetics but none of those items are free. Players must spend 99 diamonds to buy the pass. After purchase, they will have 7 days to complete the tasks and claim rewards. There are three categories, daily login rewards, daily missions, and shop lastly.

Daily Login Rewards: Emerald Bloom – Gloo Wall

It is a daily login reward event means players are just required to log in to the Free Fire game for seven days. After completing given missions, free rewards will be provided. The bonus prize is Emerald Bloom – Gloo Wall which can only be collected after all the daily login rewards have been claimed. If anyone misses a day, they can still claim the reward by paying diamonds. The price to claim rewards for logins they missed will increase with each missed login.

Play Matches and Win rewards: Emerald Power backpack

In this Play Matches and Win reward event, players can easily earn 1 spin after playing a match. The daily limit is 5 spins only. However, developers guarantee the grand prize in 20 spins. The grand prize is the exclusive Emerald Power backpack.  The prize pool contains,

  • Emerald Power backpack
  • Gold Royal Voucher
  • Diamond Royal Voucher
  • Pet Food

Daily Missions & Shop: Emerald Power Scythe

In the Daily Mission & Shop section of the Ramadan Pass event, collect Ramadan Pass tokens by completing missions. After collecting tokens players can refresh the missions with FF gold. The grand prize is the Emerald Power Scythe which requires 20 tokens to exchange. Other rewards are,

  • Emerald Power Scythe
  • Craftland Card
  • Magic cube fragment
  • Incubator voucher
  • Weapon Royal voucher
  • 100x Memory Fragment

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