Free Fire OB34 Update (May 2022) Details: Release Date, New Characters, New Pet, New Bundles & Much More

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game and it requires constant updates to make it even better and enjoyable. Developers update the game routinely which results in various changes in the game. There are just a few days left to arrive at the OB34 advance server but some data miners already leaked information about the upcoming OB34 update patch. OB updates are very important in Free Fire as they bring changes in the game along with tons of exclusive items. ‘’ always tries to provide the latest update about the Free Fire game so here is a list of changes that might appear in the next update patch.

Free Fire OB34 Update Release Date

The upcoming Free Fire OB34 update patch, aka May 2022 update, is scheduled to release on May 24, 2022. However, the said venue is not confirmed as the developers did not make any official announcement yet.

Free Fire OB34 Update New Features

The upcoming OB34 update will add various events, different modes, and cosmetics. In this article, we have shortlisted some information available till today about the upcoming Free Fire update.

Free Fire x Anitta Collaboration: New Character

Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known by her stage name Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, businesswoman, and TV presenter. According to the rumors, there would be a major event that would introduce a wide variety of cosmetics and the singer’s in-game character. The persona will most likely be named ‘The Mistress’.

Anitta Character Ability:

Her ability will be ‘Passive’. She can launch a drone towards the nearest enemy at a frontal distance which will create a 5-meter diameter sound blast that reduces the movement speed and firing speed of enemies.

New Pet Finn

The upcoming pet in OB34 Update is called ‘Finn’. The new Free Fire pet is a shark that lives in the water. In addition, there will be several skins with the arrival of the new pet, check it out:

Pet Skin: Angry Surfer Finn

Pet Skin: Deep Ocean Finn

Pet Skin: Finn Storm

Pet Skin: Furious Surfer Finn

The ability of New Pet Finn:

Finn’s ability increases the team’s movement and protection capacity. If the pet owner knocks down an enemy within 20 meters the player and teammates will receive a temporal movement speed boost.

New blind character Homer

New Lobby Screen

New Map in Free Fire (Not Confirmed)

FF OB34 Rampage Evolution Bundle

New Gun: M24 (Sniper Riffle)

Possible Elite Passes

  • Bumble Rumblers
  • The Kung-Foodies

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