Get Emerald Power M1887 and other items from the Emerald Tower event: Free Fire MAX

Free Fire has a vast range of in-game events which provide cosmetics, such as bundles, skins, and more. These items are available in various in-game events or Luck Royale as rewards. Today is the last day of the Ramadan 2022 event series and developers have introduced an all-new token tower event.

The latest Token tower event is named ‘Emerald Tower’ which commenced in Free Fire MAX earlier today, i.e., May 8, 2022. The event allows players to acquire various rewards along with the Emerald Power M1887 until May 14, 2022. For those who don’t know about token tower events, let us tell you that it is one type of luck royale event where players have to collect ‘tokens’ first for claiming the grand prize. Diamonds are required to draw items.

Obtaining the Emerald Power M1887 from the Emerald Tower event in Free Fire MAX

In the Emerald Tower event, players can spin to obtain Legends Tokens in Free Fire MAX. Those tokens are essential to obtain the premium rewards in the event, including the Emerald Power M1887 and the other two items.

Rewards won will be kept in a backpack. Players can either claim prizes in a backpack by adding them to the vault or exchange three unwanted prizes for another draw. There is a quick select button that helps players select prizes of lower value. Each spin costs 20 diamonds, while ten spins cost 180 diamonds. The rewards from the prize pool are selected randomly. Remember, Free Fire does not guarantee to provide a Legends Token in a specific number of spins.

Three Grand Prizes of Emerald Tower event in Free Fire MAX

3 Legends Token – Emerald Power-M1887

2 Legends Tokens – Emerald Power Katana

1 Legends Tokens – Emerald Shimmer Motorbike

Steps to procure Emerald Power M1887 and other rewards in Free Fire MAX

Follow these steps to participate in the new Emerald Tower event,

  • Step 1: First, open the Luck Royale section and select the ’Emerald Tower’ event.
  • Step 2: Choose your preferable number of spin and draw items.
  • Step 3: Prizes won will be added to the backpack at the bottom corner. Keep your wanted prizes by adding them to the vault or exchange three prizes for another draw.

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