How to get the Limited Edition FFWS Jacket and other rewards from  Free Fire World Series 2022 event

Free Fire World series 2022 is back and will be held in Sentosa, Singapore, starting from 14th May 2022. The theme for FFWS 2022 Sentosa is “Heroes Arise,” featuring a total of 18 teams from 11 regions to become Free Fire world champions. Well, not every Free Fire enthusiast can experience the tournament by going to Singapore. So, developers are providing different kinds of events so that every player can feel the tournament vibe from their home.

Get a chance to win the Limited Edition FFWS Jacket

Free Fire launched a ‘Training Camp’ event under the FF World Series 2022 event series. This is a lucky draw event and players can participate to win the FFWS Sentosa Jacket. It was launched on May 3, 2022, but players can still try. Individuals above level 10 only can apply for the jacket. They have to sign up for the lucky draw within May 18 by using a token (Players from Tamil Nadu can’t participate in the event due to some restrictions). Only 90 players will win the Limited Edition FFWS jacket among the participants. Between May 22 to May 24, a notification will be sent to the winner’s inbox from where they can claim the prize.

Get Haven Guardian Parachute: Cumulative Login in Free Fire MAX

Apart from the Training camp event, there is another FFWS event named ‘Cumulative Login’. It is a login event that means players only need to login into Free Fire MAX to collect rewards. The main reward is the  Haven Guardian parachute inspired by the Free Fire Word Series theme. Players only have to log in to the game for 5 days only and they will get the Haven Guardian Parachute along with a gold royale voucher and pet food. Though it was released on May 9, players can still get all the items as they will remain till May 16, 2022.

Prize Pool of Cumulative Login event

  • Login 1 day: Get Pet Food
  • Login 3 days: Get Gold Royal Voucher
  • Login 5 days: Get Haven Guardian Parachute

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