New ‘Homer’ Character in Free Fire OB34 is Visually Impaired: Check out His Ability

Free Fire has various in-game characters that significantly impact the gameplay with their abilities. So they are an important asset in the battle royale game, and there’s a constant desire among players to obtain them. Previous update patches always brought in new characters, and with the OB34 version, another new character is going to be added.

Homer: A new Character will be added to Free Fire

The name of the upcoming character is Homer.  He is arriving in the game with the OB34 update and his skill has been revealed already. He will be the first visually impaired character in Battle Royale history. Though, his disability never stopped him from being the best at his job.

Ability of the new character Homer in Free Fire

However, there is no confirmation from the developer yet. But according to some leaked information we came to know that, homer will have an active ability. Active ability requires a manual activation and lasts for a limited duration. Homer can unleash a drone at opponents which creates an explosion reducing enemy’s movement speed and rate of fire.

Senses Shock Wave: Active Skill

Homer can launch a drone towards the nearest enemy within a 100m frontal distance. The drone then creates a 5m-diameter pulse explosion, reducing movement speed by 50% and firing speed by 10%. This effect lasts for 5 seconds. Being an active skill, the Cool down is 140 seconds. Also, the explosion reduces health by 25 points. Moreover, players can upgrade each skill by using memory fragments

A table mentioning the skill in each subsequent level is given below,

 Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6
Decrease (%)101520253035
Cool Down (S)14013012011010090

We should remember that these are mere leaks and players must not rely on them. However, this news is confirmed by Free Fire data miners across the globe. What do you think about this upcoming character with overpowered abilities? Comment down below!

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