Get Haven Guardian Grenade, FFWS Beanie, Haven warrior Loot Box, and other rewards for free: FF World series 2022

The long-awaited Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 Sentosa is finally live in Free Fire MAX. The grand tournament brought an array of events with unique rewards. The campaign will remain in-game till May 24, 2022. Today, we will discuss some of the FFWS 2022 events launched a few days ago but still available in the game.

Shooters Ville: Get Haven Warrior dagger & FFWS Headgear

The event was launched on May 11, 2022, but it was unavailable for some days due to a technical glitch. However, it is accessible now and will be available till May 24, 2022. Players have to collect lucky dice from daily missions. Those dices are essential to moving around the village board. Upgrade all your building to level 3 to raise the village level. With each increase in Village Level, you can get in-game rewards. Making a Level 3 village will reward exciting prizes.

 Special items from the prize pool are,

  • Haven Warrior dagger
  • FFWS Headgear

FFWS 2022 Sentosa: Get Haven Guardian Grenade

Free Fire enthusiasts around the world are watching live streams of FFWS 2022 Sentosa. This event will reward every player if the total viewers achieve the mentioned mile stones. Open the FF World Series event interface by clicking the ‘Calendar’ icon and then selecting the ‘Special Interface’ section to claim rewards. Rewards can be claimed when the mile stone will complete.

  • At 3 Million: Get 2 Gold royale vouchers
  • At 6 Million: Get 2 Diamonds royale vouchers
  • At 9 Million: Get the Haven Guardian Grenade

FFWS 2022 Classic store

The classic store event was launched on May 13 and will remain till May 24, 2022. Players have to collect tokens by completing daily missions. The tokens can be used further to redeem various FFWS 2022 themed items. Special FFWS-themed music can be collected for free from here.

Play Lone Wolf Rank: Get FFWS Beanie

From this event, players can collect an exclusive Beanie pet skin. It will remain till May 22, 2022, and players only require playing the Lone Wolf ranked mode to get all rewards. Including the FFWS Beanie, diamond and weapon royale vouchers are also available in the prize pool.

  • Play 5 Matches: Collect a Diamond royale voucher
  • Play 10 Matches: Collect a Weapon royale voucher
  • Play 15 Matches: Collect an FFWS Beanie for free

Champion Training: Haven warrior Loot Box

It is an interesting event in which players can collect rewards by eliminating enemies. The Champion Training event commenced on May 16, 2022, and will be available till May 22, 2022. Select the ‘Champion Training’ option from the ‘FF World series 2022’ event section to access the event. The prize pool contains,

  • Pet Food
  • Scanner
  • 3 Gold royal vouchers
  • Haven warrior Loot Box

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