Top Changes after OB34 Update in Free Fire

There are only a few days left for the arrival of the OB34 update and the internet is being flooded with leaked news. Also, the player base is becoming curious about what changes the developers will incorporate with its release. Here we have shortlisted a few pieces of information that could appear in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX after the OB34 update.

Link System after OB34

It is one of the most discussed features that will be available after the OB34 update. One can relink with any desired character. They will obtain the character excluding the character’s outfit. Once confirmed, the previous character’s progress will be saved and cannot be changed for 24hrs.

New Guns: M24, G36

OB updates are incomplete without the addition of new guns.  One of the upcoming weapons is the M24, a lightweight sniper rifle with high mobility and a fast firing rate. It will be the only sniper with a magazine of 15 bullet capacity. Another gun G36 will be added to the game.

Play in 5v5: Bomb Squad

A great change is going to happen in Free Fire. For the first time, players of this game are going to experience 5 vs. 5 in-game matches. However, this feature will only be available for the Bomb Squad mode.

Map’s Location can be changed

In the custom HUD settings, it is possible to change the size and location of buttons in Free Fire. But the map still has a fixed position in the top left corner of the screen. After the OB34 update players can re-locate the Map while changing its size. This will surely allow players to invent more new gaming tactics.

Show distance of Marked location

Currently, players can mark a place on a map to navigate easily. A new feature is on the way, showing the distance of the marked location. It will be available after OB34 patch notes.

Report in CS mode

Free Fire is battling hard to eliminate hackers from the game. Developers will introduce a report option in clash squad matches. The option will be shown after each match in CS mode.

New Features in Craftland Room

The craftland room is going to be more enjoyable as tons of new items will be added. The creator can add a shooting tower that will fire at players. Along with this, there will be more new features that deserve a separate article.

Upgrade Vest in Clash Squad

Till now players require purchasing vests and helmets after each match in Clash squad mode. It often requires extra money. But, after the OB34 update players can use the same vest and helmet while upgrading it to the next level.

Purgatory and Kalahari will be permanent

The news is a blessing for those who love to play on the Kalahari and Purgatory maps. Currently, both maps become accessible for a limited period. But the OB4 update will make these two maps permanent.

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