How to get rewards from the Ludo Fire event in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire has gained huge popularity across the world in recent years. This became possible for its exclusive and engaging game play of it. Developers frequently release mini in-game events which provide a different taste to battle royale players. Usually, such events give exclusive in-game items that players can bag up for free.

Complete details of the Ludo Fire event

The latest Ludo Fire event has been launched in Free Fire on May 27, 2022, and will be available till. Players can participate to receive many cosmetics for free. The event has some unique rules which are listed below,

  • Complete the ludo board with all four colors to redeem the Newbie Devil bundle.
  • Redeem tokens by playing Free Fire which you can spend to roll dice on the board to advance a chosen color piece.
  • With each color, reach the end to receive the grand prize on the board.
  • Receive in-game rewards with each dice roll. 
  • Receive an additional in-game reward when you perform one of the following (maximum of 2 rewards per roll)
  • Roll a 6 on the die
    • Land on a space occupied by another color piece
    • Land on a gift space 
  • You can spend additional tokens to perform a special role where you can decide the outcome of the dice roll.
  • When a color piece enters its special channel, it can only reach the grand prize space by rolling the exact number of spaces needed.
  • Advance all four color pieces to the grand prize spaces to obtain the newbie devil top, bottom, head & shoes.
  • The newbie devil mask can be obtained through the additional in-game rewards illustrated in rule #5.
  • Weekly missions will reset on 3 Jun at 0400 hrs.

Steps to access the Ludo Fire event

  • Step 1: Open the Free Fire game then click on the ‘Calendar’ icon from the right side of the main lobby.
  • Step 2: Go to the Ludo Fire event by selecting the ‘New Patch rewards’ section.
  • Step 3: open the event interface and collect your rewards.

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