How to get the Super Gamer bundle from Coupon Crush event in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire never disheartens players in terms of launching new kinds of events featuring exclusive outfits. The OB34 update has been incorporated recently and developers are here with a new Coupon crush event. The specialty of this event is it has an arcade theme. The game rules allow players to get their desired item for sure. Let’s have a brief discussion,

Super Gamer bundle in the latest Coupon Crush event

The latest Coupon Crush event is launched in Free Fire on May 29, 2022. The event contains an exclusive Selected Super Gamer bundle and other fantastic grand prizes. It is not a free event so players have to spend their valuable diamonds for participating. There are two options to make spins. You can either choose 1 spin for 20 diamonds or 10 spins for 180 diamonds.

Some rewards will be given after each draw, which will temporarily be stored in the storage box. You can either add the items to your in-game inventory or convert the prizes into coupons. You can use those coupons to exchange for the desired prize. Selected costumes feature cool effects. Just tap buttons to preview them before spending diamonds. This unique event will be accessible till June 4, 2022.

Prize pool of the latest Coupon Crush event

Grand Prizes

  • Super Gamer bundle
  • Gloo Wall – Arcade fun
  • Woodpecker-Ace Gamer

Other items

  • Modern Jazz Jacket
  • Modern Jazz pant
  • Stereo Dasher (top)
  • Stereo Dasher (bottom)
  • Swallowtail Weapon Loot crate
  • Winterlands AK Weapon Loot crate
  • Lunar New Year Weapon Loot crate
  • Rocker pack
  • Valentine headset box
  • Winterlands Weapon Loot crate
  • Universal memory fragment bundle
  • Pet food

Players not able to get their desired item can go to the storage section and convert the items with tokens. The tokens can be used for redeeming the desired prize.

Complete guide to getting the Super Gamer bundle

  • Step 1: Open the Free fire game and a banner of the latest Coupon crush event will appear on the screen. Click on the banner to open the event interface directly.
  • Step 2: Now, choose a suitable option to spin and collect rewards.
  • Step 3: Convert the unwanted items into tokens or add them to the inventory.

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